Kevin Gates is an American hip-hop recording artist, singer, and entrepreneur from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. With his raw lyricism and Southern rap style, Kevin has built a strong fanbase and commercially successful career over the past decade. As of 2023, Kevin Gates’ net worth is estimated to be $2 million.

So how did Kevin Gates attain his current level of wealth and become one of the most popular rappers from the South? This article will explore Kevin’s background, his musical career, ventures outside music, personal life details, and a breakdown of his current net worth valuation.

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Kevin Gate’s Early Life

Kevin Jerome Gilyard was born on February 5, 1986, in New Orleans, Louisiana. He had a turbulent upbringing, getting kicked out of school in the 10th grade for behavior issues. Kevin got involved in drug dealing and criminal activities as a teen to generate income. He was in and out of prison several times on charges like battery and possession of firearms as a convicted felon.

However, Kevin used his time in prison constructively by educating himself further and writing lyrics. Music became an outlet for creative expression and a pathway to a legitimate career.

Kevin Gates Career

Gates started rapping in the early 2000s and released several mixtapes from 2005-2011 while still on house arrest. His 2013 mixtape, ‘The Luca Brasi Story,’ started gaining traction, showcasing vivid storytelling and a blend of singing and melodic rap.

Kevin signed with Atlantic Records in early 2013. He has since released two studio albums – ‘Islah’ (2016), which went to No. 1 on the Billboard R&B charts, and ‘I’m Him’ (2019), charting at No. 4. Several of his tracks like “Really Really” and “2 Phones” have gone Platinum.

Kevin is known for his lyrical transparency in telling struggles with poverty, prison time, and family issues. Fans connect with his authenticity and dynamic blend of rap cadences. He has toured successfully and built his empire independently with his label Bread Winners’ Association.

As an entrepreneur, Kevin founded his energy drink company, I Don’t Get Tired (#IDGT), in 2013. The sports beverage is targeted at athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Kevin Gates Net Worth

As of 2023, Kevin Gates’ net worth is estimated at $2 million. Let’s look at the key sources contributing to his wealth:

  • Music Sales & Streaming Royalties: Kevin has had steady commercial success since his major label debut earned six-figure album sales. Cumulatively, his tracks have over 5 billion audio/video streams worldwide. Streaming payout rates of $0.003 – $0.007 per play translates to $15-35 million in royalties over the years.
  • Concert & Touring Income: Kevin Gates regularly is a big touring act, getting payouts of over $100,000 per show. His ability to sell out US tours and global dates annually adds several million in revenue.
  • YouTube Earnings: Kevin has over 8.6 million YouTube subscribers, generating solid ad revenue besides music streaming payouts. At estimated average rates of $2-$4 per 1,000 video views, his lifetime of 2.5+ billion video views can mean $5-10 million in earnings.
  • Investments & Business Ventures: Gates’ beverage brand #IDGT has seen reasonable success with distribution deals across stores in the South and Midwest. He also has undisclosed income from other investments, assets, and business ventures.

If his ventures continue thriving and his music career stays consistent, Kevin Gates’ net worth can cross $10 million soon, considering his label independence.

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Gates Personal Life

In 2015, Kevin married actress Dreka Gates. They have two children together. Kevin maintains a private family life, dedicating time between touring schedules.

He faced some controversies for kicking a female fan at a Florida concert in 2017 but apologized promptly. Kevin also adheres to a pescatarian diet and maintains a robust fitness routine.

Gates’s key girlfriend before his marriage includes Amanda Caloia. His discography since 2013 includes mixtapes ‘Luca Brasi 2’, ‘By Any Means’ and EPs ‘Chained to the City,’ and ‘Only the Generals Gon Understand.’


Birth Date February 5, 1986
NameKevin Jerome Gilyard
FatherKevin Gilyard Sr
MotherLucille Gilyard
Height6 feet and 2 inches
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Lesser Known Facts About Kevin Gates

Here are some of the most interesting revelations about Kevin Gates’ early life, prison time, unusual habits, weird skills, and surprising plans for the future:

  • He had a challenging childhood with their father away and his mother addicted – his grandmother raised him from age 2.
  • Got straight A’s in school but was always hyperactive and defiant of rules, leading to behavioral issues and delinquent activities from age 13.
  • Has fangs implants on his teeth since age 16, modeled after rapper Lil Wayne’s diamond implants.
  • Got his cheek tattoo with his daughter’s name, Breah, at age 14 while in juvenile prison.
  • He taught himself to play the piano and guitar, read music, engineer, and write songs using books while serving sentences in multiple state prisons.
  • Memorized the dictionary & thesaurus to enhance vocabulary during 18 months in solitary confinement.
  • Has an elaborate symbol-based tattoo representing struggle with Egyptian mythology influences covering his fully inked torso.
  • Displayed talent in metal art sculpting, making gifts for fellow inmates during his prison time.
  • Known for often spewing inspirational quotes & philosophies at concerts about overcoming life’s challenges.
  • I recently got into Escape Rooms as a hobby and excel at puzzles, brain games, and chess through pattern recognition abilities.
  • I enrolled in an online college degree program for Physics while on tour to pursue my passion for science experiments and robotics.
  • He plans to launch his own affordable wearable tech line embedded with GPS, holograms & biometric sensors for mental wellness.

The self-made rapper has many layers still unraveling in his intriguing personality and worldview that will continue evolving.

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The Conclusion

Kevin Gates has accumulated an admirable $2 million net worth in his decade-long music career. He has built an authentic brand with his transparency and perseverance from humble beginnings.

If Kevin can avoid past troubles and keep up their creative output as an independent artist-entrepreneur, his wealth has ample room for growth in the years ahead. He has certainly overcome life’s toughest obstacles through sheer internal resilience.

With his musical talents maturing, business ventures expanding, and more global fame ahead, Kevin Gates has the drive for his net worth to reach eight figures someday. For now, the ‘Islah’ of breadwinning for his family fuels his grind onwards and upwards.


What is Kevin Gates’s age?

Kevin Gates is currently 37 years old. He was born on February 5, 1986, in New Orleans,                        Louisiana.

Who is Kevin Gates wife?

Kevin Gates’ wife is Dreka Gates. The rapper married Dreka in 2015. Besides being his high school sweetheart, Dreka Gates is an actress, model, and popular social media influencer.

What are popular Kevin Gates quotes?

Some of the most popular Kevin Gates quotes are:

“I speak the truth, even if my voice shakes.”
“If you are who you say you are, you don’t need to speak loudly.”
“The strongest people make their presence felt by how they carry themselves, not the noise they make.”
“Don’t make permanent decisions over temporary circumstances

What is Kevin Gates’s height?

Kevin Gates stands at 6 feet 1 inch or around 185 centimeters in height. His athletic physique also complements his decent, tall frame.

Is Kevin Gates bisexual?

No, Kevin Gates has not publicly identified himself as bisexual. He is assumed to be straight based on his relationships, like his marriage to his wife, Dreka Gates. However, speculation has existed if Kevin may be bisexual or have had encounters with men earlier based on certain interview statements.

Who are Kevin Gates’s kids?

Kevin Gates has 2 children with Dreka Gates – daughter Islah Koren Gates (born March 2015) and son Khaza Kambry Gates (born June 2018). Kevin also has another son, Ryder Kruz Gates (born February 2017), from a previous relationship while separated from Dreka for months.