Alex Cooper is an American radio personality who hosts her show Alex Cooper’s YouTube channel and podcast called Call Her Daddy. She started the Call Her Daddy podcast in 2018 alongside Sofia Franklyn, gaining popularity among young listeners for candid conversations about sex, dating, and relationships.

Alex Cooper Net Worth

Alex Cooper has become one of the most popular podcast hosts in recent years. Her show “Call Her Daddy” exploded in popularity in 2019, propelling the charismatic host to global fame. As of 2023, Alex Cooper’s net worth stands at an estimated $10 million, thanks to her podcast success.

Let’s look at how Alex leveraged her breakout podcast into a multi-million dollar empire before age 30.

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Alex Cooper’s Early Life

Alexandra Cooper was born on March 28, 1994, in Boston, Massachusetts, making her 28 years old. She grew up in the suburbs outside Boston with her mother, father, and two younger sisters, Julia and Gabby.

Ever the entertainer, Alex got involved with theater during high school. She also caught the social media bug early on, launching her Twitter account in 2009 when she was just 15. 

Alex attended Boston University, graduating in 2016 with journalism and public relations degrees. Towards the tail end of college, her once small social media following grew exponentially as Alex spoke candidly about dating, guys, and sex.

Birth DateAugust 21, 1994
NameAlexandra “Alex” Cooper
ProfessionAmerican podcaster 
FatherBryan Cooper
MotherLaurie Cooper
BirthplaceNewtown, Pennsylvania 
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Launching Call Her Daddy

Upon graduating from college in 2016, Alex moved to New York City, hoping to land a job with a traditional media outlet like MTV or Cosmopolitan. But the opportunity never came to fruition. 

Instead, Alex found work at a public relations firm but spent her nights partying with her outrageous college roommate, Sofia Franklyn. The duo began making viral videos in 2018 meant strictly for laughs on topics like sugar daddies and dating in NYC.

Their unfiltered brand of oversharing humor gained traction on social media under the tagline “Father, We are Going to Need Another Episode of Call Me Daddy.” As their videos grew in popularity, Barstool Sports took notice and signed them to a podcast deal to create a female-focused sex and dating advice show – so their “Call Her Daddy” podcast was born!

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Cooper’s Call, Her Daddy, Goes Viral

Almost overnight, Call Her Daddy shot up the podcast charts, attracting millions of female listeners in their 20s. Alex and Sofia tapped into a formula that felt relatable for young women as they shared racy stories and ‘how-to’ dating tips in a judgment-free girl power space.

Their refreshing honesty in tackling taboo topics like one-night stands, sexting techniques, cheating psychology, and more made it one of the fastest-growing podcasts globally. Call Her Daddy began pulling over 100 million downloads in under a year.

Alex Feud and Split from Sofia

At the peak of Call Her Daddy’s initial success, tensions arose behind the scenes between Alex and Sofia in contract negotiations with Barstool Sports for their second season. While demanding $500k salaries each, the co-hosts had an ugly falling out when Sofia abruptly left Call Her Daddy, resulting in a months-long hiatus. 

But Alex persevered solo when Season 3 finally launched in 2020, focusing on mental health and moving forward. Her first episode scored over 2 million listens, reigniting her celebrity podcast status.

Alex Continued Success and Brand Building

With Alex now fully at the helm, Call Her Daddy’s popularity has not slowed, averaging 75-100 million downloads annually. She reportedly earns $60k per episode, up to multi-millions per year, from the podcast alone as her flagship money maker.

The award-winning podcaster monetizes her brand through sold-out live shows, lucrative merchandise collaborations, and partnerships with major companies like Press and Petal Pink. 

Alex also makes side income from her massive social media following of 1.7 million Instagram fans and 116k YouTube subscribers tuning in for her vlogs. 

Combined with her real estate assets and investments, Alex Cooper now enjoys an impressively built net worth touching eight figures.


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Alex Cooper’s Personal Life 

Alex has an active social life when not recording episodes, often spotted at celebrity events alongside stars like the Kardashians. For years, fans speculated about her relationship status, which she intentionally kept private after learning about public feuds.  

In 2022, though, rumors surfaced about Alex possibly dating the lead singer of the band LANY. While unconfirmed, she is thriving both personally and professionally.

Alex splits their time between luxurious homes in New York and Los Angeles. She often travels globally for content and appearances as well.

Ever the animal lover, Alex adopted an adorable Goldendoodle named Lenny, who makes regular cameos across her social media.

Unknown Alex Cooper Facts

Despite her oversharing persona as an influencer and podcaster, Alex Cooper remains quite mysterious about her personal life. But here are some lesser-known facts that her fans may find interesting:

  • Alex got her first major plastic surgery at age 22 – a breast augmentation she is very open about discussing. But fans suspect other enhancements like lip fillers based on before-and-after photos.
  • She received widespread backlash in 2021 for comments made on her podcast related to false sexual assault allegations. But Alex used the moment to grow after issuing an apology. 
  • Before landing podcast fame, Alex worked three jobs simultaneously: bartending, distributing flyers, and promotional modeling gigs around NYC.
  • Her Instagram account was hacked in 2020, mass deleting all her photos and videos, causing quite a viral stir at the time.
  • An only child for most of her childhood, Alex remains extremely close with her two younger sisters, who have cameos on Call Her Daddy occasionally.
  • She keeps her relationships very private after past public drama, but some outlets claim Alex first began quietly dating her rumored current boyfriend in late 2018.

For a college graduate who moved to New York just seven years ago with no media connections, Alex Cooper has remarkably built herself a podcasting empire as a multi-millionaire influencer. And at just 28, her ceiling keeps rising exponentially. 

With sold-out tours, merchandise deals, and her first book on the way, Call Her Daddy has cemented itself as a cultural phenomenon reflective of the modern young woman. And Alex Cooper sits proudly at the helm as it’s hilarious, unapologetic, and savvy host.


What is Alex Cooper’s age in 2024?

As of 2024, podcast host Alex Cooper is 30 years old and born on March 28th, 1994.

Who is Alex Cooper as of 2024? 

In 2024, Alex Cooper continues to be best known as the host of the massively popular “Call Her Daddy” podcast and as an influencer and author of two best-selling advice books.

Who is Alex Cooper’s boyfriend in 2024?

As of 2024, Cooper is famously private about her love life. While unconfirmed, rumors link her to musician Adam Powell after being spotted together multiple times over the last two years.

What auction house does Alex Cooper work for in 2024? 

Alex Cooper is not affiliated with any auction house. She hosts the “Call Her Daddy” podcast full-time and has not worked in the auction industry.

What is Alex Cooper’s connection to Matt Kaplan as of 2024?

She has no publicized connection to Matt Kaplan as of 2024. Alex Cooper solely hosts her podcast after signing an exclusive deal with Spotify worth over $60 million.

What is this “Trapped” story by Alex Cooper in 2024?

Alex Cooper has not told any story called “Trapped” as of 2024. This is confused with someone else. She is known exclusively for her popular podcast at this time.

Is Alex Cooper engaged or married in 2024?   

As of 2024, Cooper’s relationship status remains intentionally vague, but she is not believed to be engaged or married. The podcaster values privacy after past drama going public.