Best known as the patriarch of the “Duck Dynasty” family, Phil Robertson is a businessman, professional hunter, and reality TV personality with a passion for the outdoors. After playing college football and attempting pro baseball, Phil launched the lucrative duck call and hunting gear company ‘Duck Commander’ in the 1970s.

The family business’s huge success and the popularity of the A&E hit series Duck Dynasty have contributed handsomely to Phil Robertson’s soaring net worth.

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Phil Robertson’s Early Life

Born April 24, 1946, in Vivian, Louisiana, Phil Alexander Robertson was athletic and loved the outdoors from childhood – interests inherited from his father. After being quarterback at Louisiana Tech on a football scholarship, Phil aimed for a professional sports career but wasn’t drafted. 

He instead attended graduate school but quit soon to become a commercial fisherman. In the late ’60s, Phil invented a duck call device made from Louisiana cedar wood as he hunted ducks in the off-season to put food on the table for his young family. Realizing the product’s utility for hunters, the early version of the Duck Commander company was born.

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Phil Robertson Career

Phil officially launched Duck Commander in 1973, making duck calls from his home. The business started booming, aided by the duck hunting boom of the 80s. His authentic hunting expertise made Phil the perfect model and brand ambassador. Sonny, Willie, Jase, and Jep Robertson later joined the family enterprise.  

As profits grew into millions, Duck Commander sponsored hunting tournaments and branched into videos, merchandise, and even a family museum in West Monroe. Riding high on their success, the Robertson men agreed to let cameras into their amusing day-to-day lives. 

Debuting in 2012, “Duck Dynasty” became the most-watched non-fiction series on cable, airing for 11 seasons on A&E. The show’s funny adventures combined with the display of Phil’s signature mountain-man looks, unfiltered rants and pastoral wisdom was a winning formula, furthering the lucrative power of the Duck Commander/Robertson brand across America.

Phil Robertson Net Worth Details

With Duck Dynasty fever sweeping the nation for a decade, Phil Robertson has accumulated an estimated net worth of $20 million. Here’s a closer breakdown:  

  • Duck Commander Business Revenue: The commercial duck call manufacturer is now a multi-million business, counting Walmart among clients, hugely boosted by the publicity wave generated from Duck Dynasty’s hit show.
  • TV Salary: Phil earned $200k per Duck Dynasty episode like the rest of his family, amounting to around $15 million+ over 11 seasons. Over the years, reruns have also contributed ongoing income streams via royalties.
  • Endorsements & Appearances: Sponsored products, speaking events, book deals like his 2016 bestseller “Philly & Willie,” etc. have added a few million dollars for the reality star over the years.  

Considering sale projections for Duck Commander and consistent wealth streams from endorsements built off Phil’s grizzly image, his net worth can be expected to be around the $25 million mark in the next few years.

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Phil Robertson’s Personal Life 

Phil married Marsha “Miss Kay” Carroway in 1966 and was blessed with four sons – Alan, Jason, Willie, and Jeptha. All of them have contributed to the family business. Sadly, Alan is no longer alive after meeting with an unfortunate accident.  

An outspoken social conservative and practicing Christian, Phil faced brief controversy for airing traditional views about LGBT issues and racial integration but remains popular with most fans. Now in his late 70s, he leads a happy retired life with Miss Kay, enjoying the outdoors, lecturing about values, and maintaining their Duck Commander legacy.


Birth DateApril 24, 1946
NamePhil Alexander Robertson
ProfessionAmerican professional hunter, businessman (Duck Commander company), and reality television star
FatherJames Robertson
MotherMerritt (née Hale) 
Height1.88 m
BirthplaceVivian, Louisiana, U.S.
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Lesser Known Facts About Phil Robertson

  • I received scholarship offers from Clemson, Houston, LSU, and Rice after junior college before choosing Louisiana Tech.
  • Played ahead of Super Bowl-winning quarterback Terry Bradshaw in 1966 at Louisiana Tech.
  • Can recite lengthy passages from the Bible and Billy Graham texts verbatim from memory.
  • He claims he turned down big money from #NFL and Penthouse magazine back in the 70s.
  • Does not own TV and avoids technology – prefers living self-sustainably through gardening, hunting, fishing, etc.
  • Olympic-level archer who can split arrows down the middle, also skilled at judging distance by eyesight.
  • Survived multiple health scares like heavy drinking, violence, malaria, pancreatitis, etc. in early years.
  • Mensa candidate boasting high IQ – adept at drafting detailed inventions & solving math equations mentally.
  • He only began wearing shoes regularly in his 50s – his tough barefoot lifestyle resulted in durable, leathery feet.
  • Still dabbles as an occasional preacher and leads Bible studies when not busy with Duck Commander work.

From humble beginnings, hand-making duck calls in his backyard shed, and through years of perseverance, Phil Robertson has built a multi-million dollar empire and amassed an impressive $20 million fortune. While financial security is a bonus, the Robertson family’s tight kinship, core bayou principles, and maintenance of their Duck Commander legacy remain Phil’s priority even in retirement.


What is Phil Robertson’s age?

Phil Robertson is 76 years old currently. His date of birth is April 24, 1946.

Who is Phil Robertson’s daughter?

Phil Robertson has four sons from his marriage – Willie, Jase, Jep, and the late Alan. He has no biological daughters. However, he has several granddaughters.

Is Phil Robertson Alive?

Yes, Phil Robertson is alive and well. Now 76, he is enjoying a peaceful retired life with his wife, Miss Kay, after decades of building Duck Commander.

Who are Phil Robertson’s siblings?

Phil Robertson has two younger brothers named Harold Gene Robertson (born 1948) and Si Robertson (born 1949), who have also featured regularly on Duck Dynasty.

What is Phil Robertson’s movie?

No original mainstream movies have been made yet specifically based on Phil Robertson’s life. He and his family have starred only in their famous A&E reality show Duck Dynasty (2012-2017). Robertson, however, served as executive producer for the Christian drama film The Resurrection of Gavin Stone (2017) starring Brett Dalton, Neil Flynn, Anjelah Johnson, and more.

Who are Phil Robertson’s children? 

Phil Robertson has four sons named Alan (deceased), Jason “Jase,” Willie, and Jeptha “Jep.” Willie serves as CEO of the family business Duck Commander, while the others also play operational roles and have periodically appeared on Duck Dynasty.