Metro Boomin has become one of hip-hop’s most sought-after record producers over the last decade. With his trap-influenced beats dominating the charts, Metro has worked with rap titans like Future, Drake, Travis Scott, and more. This prolific collaboration catalog has significantly boosted Metro Boomin’s net worth, even at a young age.

As of 2023, Metro Boomin’s net worth is estimated at $13 million. Let’s look at how this super-producer built his fortune and empire behind the scenes in the music industry.

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Metro Boomin Early Life

Leland Wayne was born in St. Louis, Missouri on September 16, 1993. From early childhood, he developed an interest in drumming and music production inspired by his musician father. While studying in high school, Leland invested savings from his part-time job to buy music software.

He started crafting beats and tweaked his producer alias to Metro Boomin, hoping to “make it boom” big in hip hop someday. During their college at Morehouse in Atlanta, he took every opportunity to connect with rising local rappers and provide custom beats. This hustle eventually brought career breakthroughs.

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Metro Boomin Career

The first major artist to rhyme over Metro’s beats was OJ da Juiceman in 2011, for whom Metro produced an early mixtape. News of his fresh production style spread within Atlanta rap circles. By 2012, he dropped out of college after getting signed by Future to an exclusive production deal.

After collaborating extensively with Future on tracks and the mixtape “No Love Lost”, they produced the hit album “Honest.” Metro Boomin’s grimy trap beats grew popular in rap’s mainstream, leading to production credits for Drake, Nicki Minaj, and others by 2014. He has since continuously churned out radio smashes for contemporary stars.

Metro established his record label ‘Boominati Worldwide’, allowing creative control on collaborative albums with Big Sean, 21 Savage, OffSet, etc. He has executive produced all three commercial ‘Savage Mode’ albums with 21 Savage. Metro charges at least $100k-$200k per instrumental track as an in-demand hitmaker today.

His production discography to date includes standouts like Travis Scott’s “Jumpin on a Jet,” The Weeknd’s “Heartless,” Post Malone’s “Wow,” and much more cutting across rap, R&B, and pop. Metro has already won Billboard Music Awards for “Producer of the Year” twice before age 30.

Metro Boomin Net Worth Breakdown

Having worked on some game-changing albums this past decade, Metro Boomin’s estimated $13 million net worth seems like a fair assessment. Let’s analyze some key sources:

  • Music Production & Royalties: Metro’s primary revenue source is charging six figures per commissioned beat/song. His lifetime royalty earnings from songwriting/composition credits also already amount to tens of millions.
  • Label Ventures: Metro’s music is released under his label, and creative directions for other artists ensure a higher income share from record sales.
  • Touring & Shows: Metro joined Drake and Migos as supporting act on huge arena tours, which are big paydays apart from his insanely priced own live sets.
  • Brand Endorsements: As one of music’s biggest brand names, Metro has done brand collaborations with the likes of Kid Cudi, Saint Laurent, Gucci, etc. in recent years.
  • Other Investments: From an educated, middle-class family, Metro has made smart investments in real estate and business ventures to grow his wealth.

If Metro continues his Midas touch streak for beats and explores entrepreneurship avenues, reaching $100 million+ seems easily achievable during his thirties, similar to other famous hip hop producers in history.

Metro Boomin Net Worth

Metro Boomin Personal Life

Leland resides in a mansion worth $2 million in Los Angeles, bought in 2018, but prefers staying out of the usual celebrity spotlight. Not much is known of his private life besides rumored brief relationships with model Brittany Renner and singer Adele Givens.

Metro is a recluse by nature focused solely on honing his craft. Outside work, he enjoys video games trying new cuisines, and has shared battling anxiety issues as a public figure. Some speculate undiagnosed obsessive-compulsive aspects in his eccentric persona.


Among his extensive hit catalog, Metro Boomin’s notable songs as a lead artist are “No Complaints” with OffSet, “10 am/Save The World” featuring Gucci Mane, “Up to Something” with Young Thug, and “A-List” song series with Travis Scott.

Birth DateSeptember 16, 1993
NameMetro Boomin
ProfessionAmerican record producer
FatherLamont Wayne
MotherLeslie Joanne Wayne
Height 5′ 8½″ (1.74 m)
BirthplaceSt. Louis, Missouri, U.S.
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Lesser Known Facts About Metro Boomin

  • Fluent in playing drums, piano, guitar, and 12 other musical instruments – started music lessons at age 3.
  • I produced the first track at age 13 and saved up $5k by 18 to build my home studio during my senior year.
  • He got the ‘Metro Boomin’ moniker from a pun using his hometown St.Louis metro train system.
  • Has obsessive tendencies to achieve perfection, like composing 50+ versions of the same beat before the final output.
  • Claims to have not taken a vacation since 2013 unless collaborating on projects, even on Christmases or birthdays.
  • Despite fame from rap production, has an equal passion for rock bands like Metallica and electronic dance music.
  • Introvert who often cloaks their entire face and body with designer clothing disguises in public to avoid attention.
  • Has numerous quirks and flair for dark, spooky aesthetics – uses eerie minor key loops and owns rare horror film posters.
  • Dog lover who raises 3 giant Doberman guard dogs and makes time for canine welfare despite hectic schedules.
  • He has a dream project on their bucket list to produce a Broadway musical soundtrack and songs for Disney animation films someday.

Metro Boomin is not your typical record producer from the school of 40 and Dr.Dre! We can expect more genre-bending feats and hidden talents to manifest as he elevates to legend status before 40.

The Conclusion

In closing, Metro Boomin has rapidly emerged as hip hop’s youngest elite producer from humble beginnings in the 2010s. Carving a game-changing production style and expanding his entrepreneurship wings have bolstered Metro’s net worth to a comfortable $13 million even in his 20s, with promise for greater heights.

Staying behind the scenes, tinkering tracks to elevate new stars keeps Metro’s creative fires burning bright for the long run.


What is the Metro Boomin age?

Metro Boomin is currently 29 years old. He was born in St. Louis, Missouri, on September 16, 1993.

Who is Metro Boomin’s mother?

Not much is known publicly about Metro Boomin’s mother; she worked as a nurse and raised him as a single mom in St.Louis before he left for Atlanta to pursue his music career.

What are popular Metro Boomin heroes and villains?

Regarding musical influences, Metro Boomin considers super-producers like Dr. Dre, DJ Toomp, and Kanye West to be his heroes and sources of inspiration. There are no specific villains, but he despises mainstream pop music and rappers who use ghostwriters.

What is the Metro Boomin album?

Metro Boomin has not yet released a solo original full-length studio album. But he collaborated with artists on joint albums like “Savage Mode” with 21 Savage, “Perfect Timing” with Nav, “Double or Nothing” with Big Sean, and “Without Warning” album with Offset and 21 Savage.

What is Metro Boomin merch?

Metro Boomin’s official merch comprises hoodies, jackets, t-shirts, sweatpants, etc., carrying his signature logo of an owl inside the letter M. The products feature cryptic quotes and imagery with a dark aesthetic vibe consistent with his production style and mysterious public persona.

Who are Metro Boomin songs?

Though primarily a record producer, Metro Boomin’s discography as lead artist contains popular songs like “No Complaints” feat. Offset, “Dreamcatcher” feat. Travis Scott, “Space Cadets” feat. Gunna, “10 AM / Save The World” feat. Gucci Mane, “A-List” feat. Travis Scott and more.