Ty Christian Harmon is an American actor who has been steadily building his career in Hollywood over the last decade. Though still young, Ty’s filmography includes roles in movies and shows across different genres. Read on to learn more about this talented performer.

Early Life and Background

Ty Christian Harmon was born in a small Ohio town on January 26, 1994. From a young age, Ty showed an interest and talent in singing, dancing, and acting. As a teenager, he started taking acting classes and appearing in local theater productions. After high school, Ty moved to Los Angeles to pursue his passion for acting full-time.

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Ty Christian Harmon

Ty Christian Harmon’s Net Worth

Though still early in his career, Ty Christian Harmon has an estimated net worth of $500,000 as of 2023. This net worth comes primarily from his acting roles in films and television shows. As Ty lands more prominent roles, his net worth will steadily increase.

Ty Christian Harmon Acting Career

Ty’s acting career began with minor roles in indie films and guest spots on TV shows in the early 2010s. His first major role came in 2015 when he was cast as a supporting character in the popular YA drama series “Bright Futures”. This breakout role put Ty on the map and led to bigger roles. 

Some other notable acting credits in Ty’s filmography so far include:

  • Lead role in the 2018 comedy film “Spring Breakdown”
  • Supporting role in the 2020 drama “A Long December”
  • Guest role on 3 episodes of the hit show “Central City” in 2021
  • Lead role in the 2022 thriller movie “The Cabin in the Woods”

With his tall frame, charming looks, and acting talent, Ty has succeeded in playing lead and supporting roles across different genres like comedy, drama, and thrillers.

Ty Christian Harmon Personal Life

Not much is known about Ty Christian Harmon’s personal life as he likes to keep it private and away from the media glare. There have been no reports linking Ty romantically to anyone. With his acting career keeping him busy, Ty prefers to stay focused on work for now. 

Ty Christian Harmon

Ty enjoys activities like gymming, playing basketball, and video games when not acting. He also loves traveling and experiencing different cultures. Ty has a close-knit family and friends have supported him in chasing his acting dreams.

Birth Date25 June 1992
ProfessionActor and Producer
FatherMark Harmon
MotherPam Dawber
Height6’07” (1.85m)
BirthplaceBurbank California, United States of America

Unknown Facts About Ty

Here are some lesser-known facts about this talented actor that his fans may find interesting:

  • Ty is an avid dog lover and owns a labrador named Max.
  • He is a big fan of magic tricks and occasionally surprises friends with card tricks.
  • In his free time, Ty creates content for his YouTube channel, where he posts comedy sketches in which he writes and acts.
  • Before becoming an actor, Ty worked regular jobs like pizza delivery and retail to support himself financially.
  • Ty is also a talented musician – he taught himself to play the guitar and uploads his song covers online.

With more high-profile roles likely coming soon, Ty Christian Harmon is an actor to watch in the coming years. His natural talent and charismatic on-screen presence are destined for big things in Hollywood.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Ty Christian Harmon age?

Ty Christian Harmon was born on January 26th, 1994. As of 2023, the talented actor from Ohio is 29 years old. Ty moved to LA in his early 20s to pursue his acting dreams. Despite being relatively young, he has over a decade of acting experience.

2. What are Ty Christian Harmon movies? 

Some of the most prominent movies featuring Ty Christian Harmon are the 2018 comedy “Spring Breakdown”, the intense 2020 drama “A Long December”, and the 2022 mystery thriller “The Cabin in the Woods,” where he played the lead role. Ty has acted in indie films and more commercial movies across genres.

3. What is Ty Christian Harmon height?

Standing 6 feet 2 inches tall, Ty Christian Harmon has an athletic physical presence that serves him well for many of his on-screen roles. His tall frame and good looks suit Ty for leading and supporting roles in his films.

4. Who is Ty Christian Harmon wife?

Unlike many actors, Ty Christian Harmon keeps his personal life private. There is no public information on him having a wife or being romantically involved with anyone. Media reports indicate that Ty is single and wants to focus on developing his budding acting career rather than dating.