Grace Charis is a multi-faceted talent who has made a name for herself in golf, social media, and entrepreneurship. With a net worth of approximately $1 million, Grace has carved a unique path to success through dedication to her craft and creative entrepreneurial ventures. This article explores her journey from budding golfer to internet celebrity and businesswoman. Let’s learn about Grace Charis Net Worth!

Early Life and Passion for Golf

Grace first discovered her love for golf at the young age of 7. She honed her natural talent over years of diligent practice, eventually joining the Singapore National Golf Team at 14. Grace also prioritized academics, attending the prestigious Raffles Girls’ School before pursuing a degree in Business Management. This educational foundation would later aid her entrepreneurial success.

Grace Charis Net Worth

Rapid Rise to Instagram Fame

Grace captivated Instagram audiences with stunning golf shots interspersed with glimpses into her stylish lifestyle. She leveraged the platform’s visual nature to showcase impeccable form and a flair for fashion. This authentic content has earned her over 280,000 engaged followers.

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Venturing into YouTube, TikTok, and OnlyFans

Eager to connect further with fans, Grace expanded her social media empire to platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and the infamous OnlyFans. YouTube hosts instructional golf videos, and TikTok additional lifestyle snippets, while OnlyFans offers exclusive content to her most dedicated supporters. 

Launching Her Own Brand: Grace Golf

Beyond influencer content creation, Grace has also founded Grace Golf – an online store catering to golfers of all skill levels. Showcasing clubs, balls, apparel, and accessories handpicked by Grace, the brand extends her stylish fairway persona into an entrepreneurial reality.

Career Achievements and Notable Partnerships

On the course, Grace has won a National Golf Championship and competed internationally for Singapore. Her talent and growing publicity have attracted sponsors like Adidas, Callaway Golf, and even the distinguished Raffles Hotel Singapore. These high-profile collaborations further cement Grace as a golf and internet star on the rise.  

Grace Charis Net Worth

Grace Charis Net Worth Driven by Multifaceted Success

Grace has realized incredible financial success through various income channels – advertising, sponsorships, NFT sales, e-commerce store profits, and more. While hesitant to embrace fame initially, she now leverages public intrigue to drive multiple business ventures. Grace Charis Net worth has reached $1 million and brand collaboration is additional. 

Birth Date1999-2001
Birth nameGrace Charis
ProfessionSocial Media Influencer, Youtuber, Golfer
Height5’6″ (1.67m)
BirthplaceNewport Beach, California, USA

Grace Charis: An Unlikely Beginning

While Grace may seem destined for sports stardom, her origins are much humbler than many realize. She was raised in Newport Beach, California by working-class parents who instilled in Grace strong values of dedication, humility, and resilience from a young age. 

Her family did not have the means to fund expensive golf club memberships or coaching. However, noticing Grace’s early affinity for swinging broomsticks and mop handles around the house, they managed to enroll her in a few beginner golf camps. Grace instantly took to the feel of a real club in hand – the sense of connection immediate and profound.  

What Grace lacked in private lessons and access to elite training, she made up for with sheer tenacity to improve. She took on every small job and odd task around town to earn money for clubs, balls, and tournament fees. Grace tirelessly studied golf books, magazines, and videos from the local library, soaking up every bit of knowledge she could find. At competitions, while others relaxed, Grace was on the driving range hitting bucket after bucket of balls – perfecting her technique with almost fanatical commitment.

Grace was determined to master the technical, mental, and physical nuances required to excel at golf, often pushing her young body to the point of exhaustion. It was this relentless work ethic combined with her prodigious natural athleticism that ultimately won her a spot on the National Team. For Grace, that hard-earned moment of victory justified every early-morning practice and late-night study session along her unlikely journey.

Grace Charis Net Worth

Now enjoying the fruits of her labor with an expanding social media empire, Grace remains deeply grounded in those humble beginnings. This connection fuels her passion for providing accessible quality equipment to all through her Grace Golf brand. Grace hopes her story can inspire underprivileged kids everywhere to ignore limitations, embrace their inner grit, and unlock their greatness within.

The Private Woman Behind the Persona

While much of her life is publicly visible, Grace still maintains some privacy regarding personal relationships and intimacy. She lets her golfing and content speak for themselves, preserving an element of mystery. This makes the occasional glimpses into her world all the more intriguing for devoted supporters.


In a few short years, Grace Charis has evolved from golfer to social media influencer to entrepreneur – the embodiment of determination and creative vision. Despite her meteoric success, Grace stays committed to continually improving her craft while balancing public visibility with personal privacy. With talent, work ethic, and savvy like Grace possesses, her future looks brighter than the Singapore sun itself.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. What is Grace Chris age?

Grace Chris was born in 1999, which makes her current age 24 years old as of 2023.

2. What is Grace Chris size? 

Grace Chris is reported to be 5’7″ tall and maintains a fit, athletic physique. While her exact measurements are not publicly known, she showcases an enviable figure both on the golf course and across her social media.

3. Who is Grace Chris boyfriend?

While Grace Chris occasionally posts images with male companions, she prefers to keep the specifics of her romantic relationships out of the public eye. She chooses to maintain some privacy regarding her dating life and current relationship status.

4. How many followers does Grace Chris have on Instagram, Onlyfans, YouTube, TikTok and Snapchat?

Instagram: 210,000+ followers
OnlyFans: Stats not publicly reported
YouTube: 18,000+ subscribers
TikTok: 190,000+ followers
Snapchat: User metrics not available

5. What are Grace Chris income sources?

Grace earns income through brand sponsorships and endorsements, Instagram advertising, OnlyFans subscriber revenue, YouTube monetization, earnings from her Grace Golf ecommerce store, NFT sales, and more.

6. What is Grace Chris net worth?

Estimates place Grace Chris’s current net worth at approximately $1 million dollars.

7. How tall Grace Chris height?

Grace Chris is reportedly around 5′ 7″ tall.