Mary Lee Harvey: Being a famous person’s significant other or spouse should be a romantic experience. Mary Lee Harvey, however, is not like that at all. She seemed to enjoy being in the spotlight that her marriage to a well-known media figure provided her.

But that only lasted until the union broke up. Unlike most divorcing couples, it was a somewhat uncommon aspect of her divorce from her husband that she was forbidden from discussing the split with the press. Many are curious about Mary Lee Harvey’s whereabouts and why she has been silent about her divorce.

The life story of Mary Lee Harvey

On October 20, 1960, Mary Vaughn Harvey (née Woolridge) entered the world. She discussed the difficulty of her relationship with her dad in a video posted to YouTube. This made her yearn for the bond she had always imagined having with her father but never experienced.

Speaking on her upbringing and the fact that she did not enjoy spending time at her father’s house, she said on camera, “Coming from my childhood. “I wanted to fill the void left by my absent father. After marrying Steve Harvey, the “busiest man in Hollywood,” Mary Lee Harvey became a public figure in her own right.

Winning Despite Adversity

The name Mary Lee Harvey has been all over the news recently. Because she was once married to famous comedian and TV host Steve Harvey, so she has gained a lot of attention. After nearly ten years of marriage, Mary Lee and her ex-husband had a contentious divorce that left her harboring deep resentment.

Mary Lee Harvey entered the world on October 20, 1960. She had a difficult childhood, growing up in a poor home. In the 1980s, she met Steve Harvey, and the two fell in love. In 1996, they tied the knot, and in 1997, they welcomed their son Wynton into the world. Their marriage, though, had many difficulties and was far from ideal.

The couple’s acrimonious divorce was settled in 2005. Mary Lee claimed that Steve was physically and emotionally violent toward her and that he had cheated on her. Steve said Mary Lee was trying to extort money out of him and refuted the accusations. Since then, Mary Lee has been suing Steve for more money, while Steve has been attempting to restrict her access to his wealth.

Mary Lee has overcome the heartache and moved on with her life. She has avoided the spotlight in favor of her professional and personal life. She has also utilized her fame to speak out against domestic abuse and other social injustices through several charitable organizations.

Mary Lee Harvey’s fortitude is undoubtedly one of her most distinctive characteristics. She had a hard upbringing, a stormy marriage, and a complicated breakup. Despite this, she has never allowed her difficulties to limit or stop her. She has always been goal-oriented, working tirelessly to provide a good life for herself and her loved ones.

Mary Lee Harvey is now well-recognized as a style icon. She has been seen at numerous events and red carpets, always dressed to the nines in couture. She has received a great deal of acclaim and attention due to her exquisite taste in clothing.

Mary Lee Harvey is an exciting and complicated person to study. She has overcome several obstacles in her life and continues to do so. Instead, she turned those experiences into motivation to forge ahead and become even more of a force in the world. Whether you think well or poorly of her, you can’t deny that Mary Lee Harvey is a strong, independent woman who has accomplished much.

Mary Lee Harvey’s Career

Mary Lee Harvey has avoided the spotlight throughout her career, and little information is available about her. Yet, she is rumored to have experience as a cosmetics artist and fashion stylist.

Mary Lee Harvey and her ex-husband, comedian Steve Harvey, have been involved in several high-profile legal fights, including a bitter and publicized custody battle for their son.

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How much money does Mary Lee Harvey have?

Mary Lee Harvey has not been in the public glare for her work successes, making it difficult to estimate her net worth. She reportedly received a $1.5 million settlement in her divorce from her ex-husband Steve Harvey, who is worth an estimated $200 million.

Where is Mary Harvey now?

Since Mary Lee Harvey has kept a low profile in recent years, her whereabouts and current activities are unknown. According to reports from 2021, however, she has relocated to Atlanta, Georgia, where she operates a wellness and beauty company called “Beyond Her.”

Is Steve Harvey’s ex-wife okay?

Mary Lee Harvey was Steve Harvey’s second wife out of three. They were married from 1996 until 2005, raising a son named Wynton. Mary Lee Harvey and Steve Harvey’s son were at the center of their divorce and subsequent custody battle.

A Texas judge ruled in favor of Steve Harvey’s full custody of their son Wynton in 2007, stating that Mary Lee Harvey’s behavior was “detrimental” to their son.

Mary Lee Harvey has largely avoided the spotlight ever since. Neither her whereabouts nor her current occupation is known.

What was Mary Lee Harvey doing before she wed Steve?

Mary, it has been revealed, once worked in the cosmetics industry. She has dabbled in writing and has a few books to her name. There is, however, no additional information regarding her work and achievements.

Lee’s marriage to Steve undoubtedly catalyzed her rise to fame. Her ex-husband is a popular TV broadcaster who has hosted shows like “The Steve Harvey Morning Show,” “Family Feud,” and others.


Mary Lee Harvey is a well-known American makeup artist and novelist best known as the ex-wife of Steve Harvey, an extremely successful American television personality, comedian, actor, writer, and producer.

Mary Lee has avoided the spotlight after her divorce from the comedian. It’s unknown where she is now or if she’s found love again since her divorce from Steve.

Mary Lee has often discussed her time with Steve Harvey before his fame. Despite her largely unseen involvement, she has claimed to have been instrumental in his early career. Unfortunately, there is scant evidence of her existence before her marriage to Steve Harvey.