Thomas Mars is a French musician, singer, and songwriter best known as the lead singer of the rock band Phoenix. With smash hit albums like “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix” and “Bankrupt!” under his belt, Thomas Mars has accumulated an impressive net worth over his music career.

Thomas Mars Net Worth and Early Life

As of 2024, Thomas Mars net worth is estimated to be around $40 million. Phoenix’s continued success, popularity, and income from side projects and collaborations have allowed Mars to amass his millionaire status.

Thomas Mars was born in Versailles, France on April 24, 1976. His father was a well-known singer, and his mother worked as an assistant for fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent. This exposed young Thomas to music and fashion from a very early age.

Thomas Mars Net Worth

In his teen years, Thomas learned guitar and piano while developing a passion for rock bands like The Velvet Underground, The Beach Boys, and Sonic Youth. After graduating, he briefly attended university to study political science before dropping out to pursue his musical ambitions full-time.

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Thomas Mars Career  

In the early 1990s, while living in Paris, Thomas met Laurent Brancowitz and Deck d’Arcy, who shared his affinity for American indie rock. The three friends formed an informal band called Phoenix, named after the fictional city in the sci-fi film Alpha 60. 

After some initial shows and line-up changes, Christian Mazzalai joined the band on guitar, and Phoenix released their debut album “United” in 2000. While met with moderate success, their second album, “Alphabetical” brought wider critical acclaim and set the stage for bigger things. 

Phoenix’s 2009 album “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix” became their breakthrough blockbuster, earning the band two Grammy Awards and spawning major hits like “Lisztomania” and “1901.” Thomas Mars earned praise for his charismatic frontman persona during their extensive supporting tours.

Since then, Thomas has continued recording and touring the world with Phoenix while pursuing side projects. He collaborated with film score composer Hans Zimmer on the soundtrack for 2013’s “The Great Gatsby” and even had a minor acting role in the film. 

In 2021, Phoenix released their most recent album, “Alpha Zulu.” While Thomas remains the band’s driving creative force, he intentionally takes a behind-the-scenes role in handling the band’s visuals, merchandise design, and music videos.

Thomas Mars’s Personal Life

Despite being an internationally famous rock star, Thomas Mars maintains a private personal life out of the spotlight. He met his future wife, Sofia Coppola, at one of his L.A. shows in 2011. Sofia is an accomplished film director and producer, best known for movies like “The Virgin Suicides” and “Lost in Translation.”

Thomas Mars Net Worth

Thomas and Sofia connected over their creative passions and were engaged just one year later. They married in a lavish Italian villa ceremony 2011 attended by celebrity friends like director Spike Jonze. 

Thomas and Sofia have two daughters: Romy (b. 2006), born before the couple’s meeting, and Cosima (b. 2010). The family splits their time between homes in Paris and New York City. 

While fiercely guarding their privacy, Thomas occasionally publicly supports Sofia at her movie premieres and other Hollywood events.

Thomas Mars Wife & Girlfriend

Thomas Mars and renowned filmmaker Sofia Coppola have one of the most intriguing husband-wife dynamics in show business. The creative power couple met at Thomas’ Los Angeles concert in 2011 while Sofia was going through a divorce. 

They quickly fell in love and were engaged just a year later, in 2012. Thomas and Sofia celebrated their marriage later that year with a lavish wedding at her family’s ancestral palazzo in Italy. Guests like Phoenix guitarist Laurent Brancowitz and director Spike Jonze were in attendance.

Before marrying Sofia, little was publicly known about Thomas’ dating history or romantic life. Phoenix’s bandmates have described him as soft-spoken and somewhat shy off-stage. Focused on his musical career from a young age; long-term public relationships were not a priority. 

That changed when he connected deeply with Sofia over their respective creative passions. As a high-profile Hollywood director, Sofia came with her share of media attention that Thomas has adjusted to. They support each other’s work and protect the privacy of their family life.

Thomas Mars Daughter

Sofia Coppola brought her first daughter, Romy, into her marriage with Thomas Mars. Born in 2006, Romy’s father is Sofia’s first husband, filmmaker Spike Jonze.  

Thomas embraces the role of stepfather to Romy. He accompanies her and Sofia to Hollywood events and premiers. While not biologically his child, Thomas treats her as part of the family.

Thomas and Sofia went on to have a daughter together named Cosima in 2010, shortly before they met. Cosima appeared with the couple as an infant at the Cannes Film Festival.  

Thomas Mars Net Worth

Now 13, Cosima maintains a very low profile. Thomas and Sofia work hard to shield both their daughters from media attention. The only family pictures available show Romy and Cosima as young children. Thomas wants his girls to have normal childhoods untouched by his celebrity status.

While information is scarce, it’s clear Thomas cherishes his role as a father. In interviews, he describes his kids as his proudest accomplishment in life. Thomas splits family time between Paris and New York City, where his daughters attend school.

Birth DateNovember 21, 1976
Birth nameThomas Croquet
ProfessionFrench Musician and Singer
Height5’10” (178 cm)
SpouseSofia Coppola
ChildrenCosima Mars, Romy Mars
BirthplaceVersailles, Yvelines, Île-de-France, France

Unknown Facts About Thomas Mars  

Beyond the glitzy rock star persona, here are some little-known tidbits about Phoenix frontman Thomas Mars:

  • His real full name is Thomas Pablo Croquet. Mars is a stage name from the sci-fi city featured in the 1959 French film Alphaville.
  • Early Phoenix band names included Sparta and Placebo (unrelated to the British band Placebo).
  • He earned a college degree in political science before dropping out to pursue music.
  • Before Phoenix took off, Thomas was nearly selected for France’s Olympic field hockey team.
  • He has a collection of over 400 neckties that he wears regularly. Fashion icon Tom Ford is a fan.
  • Thomas owns thousands of records and is obsessed with vinyl album artwork.
  • He prefers to lyrics last when Phoenix records songs. The band creates music first, and then Thomas layers vocals.
  • Sofia Coppola directed the music video for Phoenix’s 2021 single “Identical.” She has a cameo acting experience herself.
  • Thomas insists on editing all of Phoenix’s music videos, desiring full control of the visual creative vision.
  • He has struggled with stage fright at times, occasionally vomiting before big shows. Music relieves his anxiety.

While intensely private about his personal life, Thomas Mars pours his heart and soul into Phoenix’s songwriting. His emotional performances and iconic vocals have brought the band global success and fame. Though comfortable fortune has followed, music remains Mars’ true lifelong passion.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Thomas Mars’s age?

Thomas Mars was born on April 24, 1976. As of 2023, the Phoenix frontman is 47 years old. His birth name is Thomas Pablo Croquet, though he adopted the Mars stage moniker after the sci-fi film Alphaville. Now nearing 50, Thomas maintains his youthful energy and star power while continuing to record and tour with Phoenix.

2. Who is Thomas Mars’s daughter? 

Thomas Mars has two daughters with wife Sofia Coppola – Romy and Cosima. Romy was born in 2006 to Sofia and her first husband, Spike Jonze, making her Thomas’ stepdaughter. Thomas and Sofia welcomed their biological daughter Cosima in 2010, the same year they first connected at Thomas’ L.A. concert. While Phoenix enjoys global fame, Thomas closely protects his daughters’ privacy.

3. What is Thomas Mars’s height?

As the dynamic frontman of Phoenix, Thomas Mars exhibits an imposing on-stage presence beyond his actual height. Various reports estimate Thomas to stand around 5 feet 7 inches tall (170 cm). While on the shorter side for a male rock star, Thomas’ energy and signature moves captivate audiences and Own the stage regardless of his vertical stature. His fashionable boots often give the illusion of extra height as well.

4. Who are Thomas Mars’s children?

Thomas Mars has two children – his stepdaughter Romy (b. 2006), whose father is Sofia Coppola’s ex, Spike Jonze, and his biological daughter Cosima (b. 2010) with Sofia. Though not Romy’s real dad, Thomas treats both girls equally and shields them fiercely from media attention. As infants, Romy and Cosima attended Thomas’s red-carpet events with their parents but have grown up very much out of the public eye. Now, both teenagers are privately attending school.