Peter Gabriel Net Worth: Peter Brian Gabriel entered the world on February 13, 1950, in Chobham, Surrey, England. Famous for fronting the progressive rock band Genesis, he is also a talented musician, vocalist, and composer. He’s also had a fruitful solo career and contributed to several musical innovations. His current wealth is a direct result of his tireless work.

Early Years and Schooling

Peter was born to a middle-class family in Chobham, Surrey on February 13, 1950. He was raised in Coxhill, a Victorian manor on Deep Pool Farm, located on Chobham’s outskirts.

His dad, Ralph, was an electrical engineer, and his mom, Edith Gabriel (née Allen), was from a musical family. Sir Thomas Gabriel, 1st Baronet, his great-great-great-uncle, was Lord Mayor of London for 11 years.

Before transferring to St. Andrews Preparatory School for Boys, Peter attended Cable House, a luxury elementary school in Surrey. While he was there, his tutors remarked on his singing skills.

But he opted to learn the piano from his mom and later developed an interest in drums. When he was ten years old, he purchased a floor tom-tom. His debut song, “Sammy the Slug,” was penned when he was just 12 years old. 

Around this time, he received some funding from an aunt intended for professional singing lessons, but instead, he put it toward the purchase of the Beatles’ debut album, Please Please Me.

In 1963, Peter attended the public Charterhouse school in Godalming. Before joining “The Spoken Word,” a Christmas band, he played drums and sang for the traditional jazz group the Milords. 

In 1965, he and two high school friends, Tony Banks on piano and Chris Stewart on drums created the band Garden Wall. Tony and Peter had enrolled at Charterhouse around the same time. Although neither of them was interested in anything the school had to offer, they quickly became close friends and began working on songs together.

Net Worth of Peter Gabriel

Peter Gabriel Net Worth

British musician, singer, and campaigner Peter Gabriel are estimated to be worth around $95 million. Peter Gabriel first gained widespread attention as the band Genesis’s frontman.

In 1967, he and fellow high school students Tony Banks, Anthony Phillips, Mike Rutherford, and drummer Chris Stewart formed the band, Genesis. Gabriel shot to fame thanks to his extravagant stage shows, often featuring odd and convoluted costumes.

After being replaced by Phil Collins in 1975, Gabriel quit Genesis to pursue a hugely successful solo career. His breakthrough album “So” was released in 1986. Three U.S. Top 40 singles—”Sledgehammer,” “Big Time,” and “In Your Eyes”—were all inspired by the album, which debuted at No. 1 in the U.K. and No. 2 in the U.S. Ironically, “Sledgehammer” overtook “Invisible Touch” by Genesis as the most popular song in the United States. 

Nine MTV Video Music Awards were given out in 1987 for Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer” music video.


Famous singer and songwriter who fronted the band Genesis in its early days. In 1977, he branched out on his own. His famous songs include “In Your Eyes” and “Salisbury Hill.”

On February 13, 1950, Peter Brian Gabriel entered the world in Chobham, Surrey. Coxhill, a Victorian estate on Deep Pool Farm not far from Chobham, was where he spent his childhood with his middle-class family. 

His mother, Edith Irene Gabriel (née Allen), came from a musical family, and his father, Ralph Parton Gabriel (1912-2012), was an electrical engineer. His great-great-great-uncle served as Lord Mayor of London from 1866 to 1877 Sir Thomas Gabriel, the 1st Baronet.

After finishing his elementary education at the exclusive Cable House in Woking, Surrey, Gabriel continued his education at the prestigious St. Andrews Preparatory School for Boys in nearby Horsell. 

Peter Gabriel Net Worth

His teachers at the latter school took note of his singing ability, but he pursued piano lessons with his mother instead and later discovered a passion for drums. He bought a floor tom-tom when he was ten years old.

On June 9, 2002, he wed Meabh Flynn after having been married to Jill Moore (1971-1987). Melanie and Anna-Marie are his daughters, and Isaac and Luc are his sons.

Peter Brian Gabriel, an English singer-songwriter, musician, record producer, and campaigner, was born on February 13, 1950. As Genesis’ first and greatest lead singer, he became a household name.

With “Solsbury Hill” as his debut solo record, he began a fruitful solo career after leaving Genesis in 1975. So released in 1986, it is his best-selling album, having been certified three times platinum in the United Kingdom and five times platinum in the United States. 

According to research from 2011, “Sledgehammer” was MTV’s most-played music video of all time, and it won a record nine MTV Awards at the 1987 MTV Video Music Awards.

Gabriel, Peter Brian Date of Birth and Age

How old is Peter Brian Gabriel? His birthdate, place of birth, and other biographical details are all depicted here. His special day is February 13, 1950. It’s been 72 years since his inception. Chobham, United Kingdom, is the place of his birth.

Gabriel, Peter Brian, Stats like stature and weight

Peter Gabriel Net Worth

Many of their favorite stars’ health is a major concern. A celebrity’s height, weight, and eye color are only a few physical characteristics that can influence the direction of fashion. We get that you’re making a request.

Peter Gabriel stands at a height of 1.8 meters. His weight is roughly 85 kilograms. The most up-to-date estimate of his weight is included here, but remember that it may change anytime.


British rock singer Peter Gabriel was born on February 13, 1950. Peter Gabriel has a $90,000,000 net worth as of January 9, 2023. The album Passion, released in 1989, was the soundtrack to Martin Scorsese’s film The Last Temptation of Christ and won him a Grammy. We’re glad you took the time to read this.