You’ve likely seen them on your TikTok feed – the infamous Florida-based rappers, the Island Boys. With their signature bleached blond hair and face tattoos, Franky V and Flyysoulja (legal names Franky Vittorio and Alex Venegas) went viral in 2021 for their unique sound and style. Island Boys net worth has skyrocketed thanks to their social media success – but how much are these island boys worth today?

Island Boys Net Worth

A Meteoritic Rise to Fame

The Island Boys shot to fame what feels like overnight when their August 2021 TikTok “I’m an Island Boy” went hugely viral, amassing over 264 million views and counting on the platform. Their unique look and sound – best described as Florida-style hip-hop rap – captivated viewers. 

This initial attention and notoriety sparked curiosity into who these island boys were and rocketed them into social media stardom. They now hold 6 million followers on TikTok and over 700k Instagram followers each. 

As their popularity grew, the duo started selling merch featuring signature catchphrases like “Island Boy” and “I Just Wanna Know.” The Island Boys quickly leveraged their newfound fame into big bucks through merch sales, advertising brand partnerships, and paid appearances.

Raking in the Cash: Estimated Career Earnings

Island Boys Net Worth

Franky V and Flyysoulja earned around $300,000 from their viral success as Island Boys.  

A large chunk of their income comes from selling their merch collection on Shopify. Their most popular items, like t-shirts and sweatshirts, range from $50-$70 each. 

The duo also cashes in on paid partnerships, appearances, and advertising deals on TikTok and Instagram. They likely charge around $5,000 per sponsored TikTok post due to their substantial followings and high engagement.

Between merch and advertising, the Island Boys bring in roughly $30k-$50k per month. In just one year of fame, these earnings stack up:

  • Merch Sales: estimated $100k each
  • Advertising/Partnerships: estimated $200k each  

That brings their estimated career earnings so far to around $300,000 each. Of course, with their fame still rising, the Island Boys have the potential to earn even higher amounts moving forward.

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Island Boys Splurging on Cars and Jewelry

A peek at their Instagram profiles reveals the Island Boys are splurging their quick cash on luxury purchases like diamond chains and teeth, designer clothing, and expensive cars.

Some of their flashy buys include:

  • Custom diamond-encrusted grillz ($50k value)
  • Jewellery like iced-out Cuban link chains ($10k each)
  • Designer clothing from Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior
  • High-end cars like a Mercedes S-Class, Rolls-Royce, and red Bentley 

Of course, financial experts caution that blowing money on depreciating assets can quickly drain net worth. Time will tell how the viral Island Boys leverage their career earnings in the long run.

Island Boys Net Worth

The Controversies and Legal Troubles

Unfortunately, the Island Boys success has been accompanied by multiple controversies and run-ins with the law. Both Franky and Alex have faced arrests over the years for charges like disorderly conduct, robbery, and weapons offenses.

In 2022, a video showed the duo involved in a major brawl at a boxing match in Dubai. They faced immediate deportation from the UAE.

These legal issues and problematic behaviors have yet to slow the Island Boys’ fame. However, repeated controversies could impact their future brand deals and career longevity.

The Final Verdict: Multi-Millionaire Status Could Be Within Reach 

The Island Boys are riding high and making the most of their viral platform. While their current net worth is around a few hundred thousand each, their continued fame and earnings could reach multi-millionaire status over time.

Of course, social media notoriety comes with risks. Their unruly behaviour, legal run-ins, and backing of conspiracy theories have raised eyebrows. Maintaining relevance long-term will be challenging.

But as long as audiences keep screaming “I’m an Island Boy” and repping their merch, these viral sensations will likely keep raking in big bucks for the foreseeable future.

1. Where are the Island Boys from?

The Island Boys are originally from Florida, where they grew up participating in underground rap battles. Franky V is from Bonita Springs, FL, while Flyysoulja hails from Miami, FL. They currently reside in Miami.

2. What happened to the Island Boys?

2022 saw some controversy for the Island Boys after they got involved in an intense brawl at a celebrity boxing match in Dubai. This altercation resulted in their immediate deportation from the UAE as punishment for violent behavior. They are now banned from returning.

3. How did Island Boys get rich?

The Island Boys earned their wealth and achieved multi-hundred-thousandaire status from their viral TikTok hit “I’m an Island Boy”, released in August 2021. The duo were able to leverage their newfound social media fame into selling popular merch, promoting products through paid sponsorships, and booking various appearances.

4. How old are the Island Boys?

Franky Vittorio (Franky V) was born on November 7, 1997, making him 25 years old. Alex Venegas (Flyysoulja) was born on August 20, 2001, making him currently 21 years old.

5. Where are the Island Boys now?

As of this writing, the Island Boys reside in Miami, Florida, where they grew up. They continue to create new music together and release additional viral hits, trying to follow up on the success of “I’m an Island Boy”.