Dhar Mann is an inspirational entrepreneur, author, and content creator best known for his viral videos on YouTube. With over 17 million subscribers on his channels, Dhar Mann has become a prominent figure spreading positivity through social media. This is the story behind the man who went from a struggling businessman to a successful influencer.

Dhar Mann’s Early Life

Dhar Mann was born to immigrant parents on May 29, 1984, in Oakland, California. His family moved from India to give Dhar and his siblings more opportunities. However, growing up wasn’t easy for the future star.

Dhar dealt with bullying and racism throughout his childhood. He was made fun of for his accent and for being different. This experience had a major impact on Dhar, making him want to stop bullying and spread more kindness. The adversity he faced made him stronger and more determined to succeed.

Even as a child, Dhar was business-minded. At just 11 years old, he began selling candy bars and snacks to his classmates to make extra money. He quickly realized he could buy and sell the candy wholesale for a profit, sparking his entrepreneurial spirit.

Dhar Mann Net Worth

Today, Dhar Mann has accumulated an impressive net worth of $20 million. However, his road to success didn’t happen overnight.

After high school, Dhar started a real estate business focused on residential properties. He built a portfolio of over 300 units by the age 25 through smart investments. His net worth reached $5 million.

Unfortunately, the 2008 recession caused Dhar to lose everything. He had to claim bankruptcy and move back in with his parents. This major setback inspired him to rebuild himself and help others through tough times.

Dhar got involved in e-commerce next, founding an electronics company that sold products through Shopify. He sold the company a few years later for a big profit.

His next business was a digital media agency focused on Facebook ads and marketing campaigns. After having success with his ads, Dhar decided to help brands grow using social media. This laid the foundation for his future in viral videos.

In 2016 Dhar Mann started his own YouTube channel, uploading inspiring and motivational content. The videos quickly resonated with viewers, and his subscriber base grew exponentially.

Now, Dhar earns most of his multi-million income directly from YouTube. Between video ad revenue, sponsored content, and merchandise sales, his channels bring in over $10 million annually.

Dhar Mann Children
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Dhar Mann Career

Early Media Company Success

Dhar got his start in viral media by founding LiveGlam in 2011. The company focused on makeup and beauty products, leveraging the power of social media influencers to promote their brand.

Using connections with makeup artists and models, LiveGlam created a network of affiliates who could showcase products and give reviews. This was one of the first major influencer marketing uses, now an industry standard.

The company found huge success, bringing in nine figures in annual revenue by 2015. However, Dhar ended up selling LiveGlam to focus more on inspirational content and videos. The profitable exit added to his growing net worth.

YouTube Popularity

In 2016, Dhar Mann launched his self-titled YouTube channel to share motivational and inspiring stories. He used engaging thumbnails and titles to draw people in, often highlighting lessons learned or positive transformations.

The first video that went viral was called “Broke Girl Goes On Date With Rich Man, What Happens Next Will Shock You.” It currently has over 15 million views. This showed the power of using clickbait-style titles while delivering uplifting content people wanted to see.

Dhar continued experimenting with different video styles and formats to see what performed best. For example, his “short motivational films” do very well, condensing inspiring stories into just a few minutes.

Other successful types of content include reacting to motivational videos, responding to comments, and collaborating with top content creators.

In just a few short years, Dhar has grown his main channel to over 12 million subscribers and over 2 billion views. He also has a successful second channel with over 5 million subscribers.

His media company now has a team of writers who help brainstorm and produce content at a rapid pace. They release multiple weekly videos across both channels, growing their audience and impact.

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In addition to YouTube and social media, Dhar has published two self-help and personal development books.

His first book is titled “The Key to Success.” It guides how to overcome problems and achieve your goals through positive thinking. The book became a best-seller shortly after its release in 2018.

Dhar followed up with a second book called “Live Your Truth” in 2020. It focuses on being true to yourself, standing up for your values, and living authentically. This book also reached #1 status across many categories on Amazon.

Between his YouTube fame driving book sales and straightforward advice resonating with readers, Dhar Mann has found major financial success as an author and writer.

Dhar Mann’s Personal Life

Even with a growing media empire, Dhar makes time for relationships and family.

Dhar met his future wife, Laura G, in 2016. She was working as a model and actress, appearing in several popular TV shows. The couple connected immediately and got married just a few months later.

They now have two children together. Their first child was born in 2017, a daughter named Ella Rose. In 2020, they welcomed a son named Santino Rafael into the family.

Dhar is a devoted husband and father. Despite his busy work schedule filming viral videos, he makes sure to spend quality time with his wife and kids. He often discusses the importance of family and relationships in his content.

The family resides in a Spanish-style mansion purchased for $6 million in the San Marino neighborhood of LA.

Dhar hasn’t shared a lot about his parents or siblings publicly. However, it’s clear family is very important to him based on the values in his videos. He teaches his children to be kind, help others, and always keep learning.

Dhar Mann Girlfriend

While Dhar Mann is happily married now, one interesting fact is that he used to date Michelle Phan when they were younger.

Michelle Phan is a famous YouTube personality best known for her makeup tutorials and beauty content. She was one of the first major influencers on the platform in the late 2000s.

Dhar Mann Girlfriend
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Dhar and Michelle dated over 10 years ago before going their separate ways. They parted on good terms, as Dhar occasionally shares throwback photos with Michelle and praises her business savvy.

Both Dhar and Michelle leveraged YouTube to build multi-million dollar brands. It’s inspiring that two young entrepreneurs supported each other early on before achieving massive success.

Dhar Mann Films

In addition to digital content, Dhar Mann has also worked on major Hollywood films and projects.

Early in his career, Dhar served as a producer for the 2012 movie We the Party starring Snoop Dogg. This gave him experience in the movie industry before transitioning to online video.

More recently, Dhar Mann Studios has produced short films with inspirational messages. For example, the short video “Bullied Girl Gets Revenge” tells an emotional story in just 8 minutes while teaching an important lesson about kindness.

Many of Dhar’s most popular YouTube videos are short films using scripts, actors, and high production value. This cinematic quality is part of why his content attracts millions of views. Moving forward, expect to see more inspirational short films and series created by his production company.


Dhar Mann’s Impact and Legacy

At just 37 years old, Dhar Mann has already made a massive positive impact through his viral videos and uplifting content. Here are some of the key ways he has made a difference for his audience:

  • Spreading positivity online at a time when negativity and toxicity often dominate. His videos bring hope, inspiration, and important life lessons.
  • Entertaining and engaging millions of people around the world. Dhar knows how to tell compelling stories that capture attention.
  • Motivating people to conquer challenges and achieve their dreams. His content pushes people to believe in themselves.
  • Promoting kindness, empathy, and compassion. Dhar’s ultimate goal is to reduce bullying and conflict.
  • Bringing people together through shared stories and experiences. The comments on his videos show people uniting despite differences.
  • Inspiring entrepreneurs and creators to turn their dreams into reality. He shows success is possible with determination.
  • Encouraging self-improvement through his books and videos. He motivates people to keep growing and learning every day.
  • Promoting family values and caring for others. Dhar reminds us how important relationships and community are.

Dhar Mann has shown that one person with a dream can improve the world through online content. His unique style of inspirational messaging has resonated with millions worldwide.

At just 37 years old, this is likely just the beginning of Dhar Mann’s positive impact. His career tells an inspirational story of overcoming early life challenges, building success through determination, and using that success to change lives.


What is Dhar Mann’s height?

Dhar Mann has a slim, fit physique and stands 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm) tall. His drive for success and a positive lifestyle motivate him to stay active and healthy.

How much is Dhar Mann worth?

As of 2024, Dhar Mann has accumulated an estimated net worth of $20 million. The bulk of his fortune comes from his massively popular YouTube channels, which bring in over $10 million annually through advertising revenue. He also earns income from brand sponsorships, book sales, and other business ventures.

Who is Dhar Mann’s wife?

Dhar Mann’s wife is Laura G. The two met in 2016 and quickly fell in love, marrying after just a few months of dating. Laura works as a model and actress. Together, they have two children – a daughter named Ella Rose, born in 2017, and a son named Santino Rafael, born in 2020.

What are popular Dhar Mann movies?

Some of Dhar Mann’s most popular inspirational short films include “Bullied Girl Gets Revenge,” “Homeless Man Judges Rich Man Then Finds Out Truth,” and “Broke Girl Goes On Date With Rich Man, What Happens Next Will Shock You.” In 2012, he also produced the Snoop Dogg film “We the Party.”

What is Dhar Mann’s real name?

Dhar Mann is the YouTube star’s full real name. He was born Dharmesh Mann but later shortened it to Dhar. There are no publicly known nicknames for him apart from his channel name, Dhar Mann, which has become his popular persona.