Ella Baila Sola is a Spanish musical duo known for their catchy dance-pop songs. Formed in 1996 by lead vocalist Marta Botía and guitarist Marilia Andrés Casares, Ella Baila Sola has released several popular albums and singles over the decades. Their net worth comes from sales of their music. Let’s take a closer look at their story.

Ella Baila Sola’s Net Worth

Ella Baila Sola
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After over 25 years of recording and performing music, plus maintaining profitable merchandising and sponsorship deals, Ella Baila Sola’s Net Worth is estimated at up to $5 million.

Most of their income has come from record and ticket sales. At the peak of their fame in the late 90s, when they sold over 1 million records, they likely earned millions in royalties and revenue. They’ve further supplemented via merchandising, sponsorship deals, and occasional TV appearances.

While they aren’t touring or releasing new music as actively, royalties and licensing from their back catalog of beloved hits provide them recurring income. Their upcoming reunion tour in 2023 is also likely to prove quite profitable by re-engaging many nostalgic longtime fans.

Marta and Marilia share equal ownership of Ella Baila Sola, both contributing musical talents as co-frontwomen of the band. Each, therefore, holds an estimated personal net worth of $2-3 million.

Early Beginnings

Marta and Marilia met in Madrid in 1994 and bonded over a shared love of pop music. Discovering their vocal and musical chemistry also worked well together, and they formed Ella Baila Sola two years later. Choosing a name meaning “she dances alone” in Spanish, they focused on making upbeat and energetic tracks perfect for dancing.

Ella Baila Sola Musical Career

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Ella Baila Sola released their self-titled debut album in 1997, featuring their first major hit, “Lo echo de menos.” This was followed in 1998 by their second and biggest album, Grandes Éxitos, which included popular singles like “Como yo no hay dos” and “Cuando los sapos bailen flamenco.” It sold over 1 million copies globally, greatly raising its fame in Spain and Latin America.

Over the next decades, they continued releasing albums and singles every few years. Some of their recent hits include 2010’s “Electro-Latino”, 2015’s “Yo quiero bailar”, and 2021’s “Luna.” While they haven’t achieved the same mega-success as their late 90s peak, they still maintain a strong fanbase, especially among their original generation of listeners. 

Ella Baila Sola Age

In 2022, Ella Baila Sola announced they would embark on a 25th-anniversary reunion tour in 2023, revisiting their classic pop catalog from the early years.

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Ella Baila Sola Personal Lives

Marta and Marilia have kept their romantic lives incredibly private over the years, rarely commenting on relationships. Rumors have swirled at times about each having boyfriends, but no one serious enough has ever been formally confirmed or introduced publicly. 

Both have generally stayed out of tabloids and the public spotlight when not actively touring or promoting their music. Today, it’s believed both Marta Botía (now 49 years old) and Emilia Andrés Casares (now 48 years old) reside primarily in Madrid, Spain, and enjoy low-key lives separate from their musical fame.

While Ella Baila Sola has flirted with retirement multiple times, they always seem drawn back to reuniting for periodic new tours, albums, and summer concert festivals where they perform their lively catalog of songs for nostalgic fans of all ages.

The Conclusion

With an upbeat blend of pop, dance, and Latin music – punctuated by Marta Botía’s distinctive vocals – Ella Baila Sola achieved international fame in the late 90s Spanish pop explosion. Though their star has faded from peak popularity, their nostalgic catalog of songs still compels loving fans to dance along every summer to hits like “Como yo no hay dos” and “Electro Latino.” Having announced their first tour in years for 2023, their music continues spreading joy and fun to all generations.

1. Who makes up Ella Baila Sola?

Ella Baila Sola comprises lead vocalist Marta Botía and guitarist/vocalist Marilia Andrés Casares, who both write and perform their music.

2. What genre of music does Ella Baila Sola perform?

Their music style is a distinctly Spanish-language stylistic blend of Pop, Latin, Dance, and Flamenco genres – perfect for vibrant dancing!

3. When did Ella Baila Sola become popular originally? 

Their popularity peaked globally in the late 90s with their second album, Grandes Éxitos, selling over a million copies of catchy hits like “Como yo no hay dos.”

4. What is Ella Baila Sola’s net worth reportedly?

Ella Baila Sola’s net worth is estimated to be roughly $5 million.