Tony Finau has rapidly risen in professional golf’s ranks this past decade to become one of the sport’s most promising and successful young stars. Turning pro in 2007, the 6’4” American has earned PGA accolades at numerous high-profile tournaments since then.

Tony’s strong performance consistency and lucrative sponsorship deals have contributed handsomely to his soaring net worth.

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Tony Finau’s Early Life and Background

Milton Pouha Finau Jr, aka Tony Finau, was born on September 14, 1989, in Salt Lake City, Utah. Possessing Tongan and Samoan ethnic roots, Tony grew up in a large family of humble means. 

He learned golf basics from his mother at a municipal course near their home, becoming engrossed in mastering the game from late childhood despite lacking privilege or means. Tony refined their golf skills further during high school and amateur tournaments early on before entering professional golf fully in 2007, preceding a college scholarship offer.  

Let’s look at Tony’s pro journey and financial rise over 15+ years as one of golf’s biggest young stars today.

Tony Finau Career Details

Shortly after going pro in 2007, Tony made his PGA Tour debut in 2009, successfully securing a tour card on merit soon after. Early wins on secondary circuits and consistency on leaderboards frequently made Tony a strong contender in all tournaments.

Breaking through a decade later, Tony claimed his first win at the 2016 Puerto Rico Open, followed by four more PGA tour titles since 2019. His excellent track record across top events includes three third-place finishes at the prestigious Masters.   

Tony’s powerful athleticism and technical mastery produce among the longest drives on tour, expanding his fanbase globally. His current five-year peak period has reaped massive financial benefits, as analyzed next.

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Tony Finau wins

Some key tournaments won by Tony Finau over his career are 2016’s Puerto Rico Open (First PGA Tour win), 2021’s THE Northern Trust tournament, 2022’s 3M Open, and the recent 2023 WM Phoenix Open title. He has five PGA Tour victories in total so far.

What is Tony Finau Net Worth?

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With a decade and a half as a golf pro, Tony Finau’s net worth is currently valued at close to $16 million. Primary wealth components:

  • On-Course Winnings: $26+ million from all professional events and victories. Career-best 10 million won in 2019 alone.
  • Endorsements: Multi-million long-term deals with Ping, Titleist, Rocket Mortgage, etc., backing his brand.
  • Other Investments: Lucrative course design partnership, golf training business, etc.

Showing no signs of a performance dip in his 30s, Tony seems poised to break a $25+ million fortune by mid-decade at his current trajectory.


Tony Finau Personal Life Details

Married in his early 20s, Tony Finau tied the knot to his high school sweetheart Alayna Galea’i, with whom he has had five children. The sporty family has matching Samoan tribal tattoos.

Devout members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, like most relatives, Tony avoids lifestyle excess despite wealth. I am pleading privacy outside tournaments, but my home remains Salt Lake City, juggling parental duties between traveling weeks.

Birth DateSeptember 14, 1989
NameMilton Pouha “Tony” Finau 
ProfessionAmerican professional golfer
FatherKelepi Finau
MotherRavena Finau
Height1.93 m
BirthplaceSalt Lake City
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Lesser Known Facts About Tony Finau

  • Battled a severe ankle injury and surgery earlier in career.
  • He first played golf at age 4 and broke course records by 11.
  • Musically gifted in playing ukulele skillfully.
  • Massive sneaker collection of over 500 pairs.
  • Pet dogs Smiley and Lucky are tour bus regulars.

Tony Finau symbolizes the American dream – utilizing talent and tireless work ethic to achieve golf glory and financial security from humble means. Still only 33 years of age, Tony’s career remains on an upward climb with a forecasted $50 million+ net worth in the long-term as he enters peak winning years ahead with legend status beckoning.


What is Tony Finau’s age?

Tony Finau is 33 years old. He was born on September 14, 1989, in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Who is Tony Finau?

Tony Finau is an American professional golfer who plays on the PGA Tour. He first gained notice as an amateur golfer from Utah and turned professional in 2007 at 17.

What is Tony Finau’s nationality?  

Tony Finau has a multiethnic background. He has Tongan and Samoan ancestry from his paternal side and Native American ancestry from his maternal side. So Finau holds both American and Polynesian heritage.

Who is Tony Finau’s wife?

Tony Finau is married to his high-school sweetheart, Alayna Galea’i-Finau. They married in 2007, shortly before Tony became a golfer, and they had 5 children together.

Is Tony Finau Mormon? 

Yes, Tony Finau and his family are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, commonly known as Mormonism. Finau remains deeply religious, and many relatives have served as missionaries, too.

Who is in Tony Finau’s family?

Tony Finau has a very large family comprising his wife Alayna and their five children, Jraice, Leilene Aiaga, Tony, Sage, and Ensley. His parents are Raven and Lynn Finau. He also has eight siblings and Polynesian relatives.