Kayla Nicole is an emerging musical artist, dancer, actress, and social media influencer who first stepped into the spotlight, appearing in music videos for artists like Lil Wayne, Travis Scott, and DJ Khaled while still a teenager.

In just a few years under bright lights, Kayla has garnered close to a million followers through viral videos on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. As of 2023, Kayla Nicole boasts an estimated net worth nearing the $1 million range.

Kayla Nicole’s Early Life and Background

Kayla Nicole Jones was born on December 28th, 1999, in Los Angeles, California, where she was raised. Not much is publicly known about her family and upbringing. In various interviews, Kayla has been passionate about dancing and performing since she was a little girl. 

She started training in styles like hip hop, ballet, contemporary, and others right from age 5. Kayla revealed initially being quite shy, so her parents enrolled her in acting and dance classes to help her come out of her shell.

By early teens, with professional training secured under her belt, the ambitious performer began auditioning for music video roles, marking the genesis of her path to fame and accrual of handsome paychecks bumping up her growing net worth.

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Kayla Nicole Breakout Music Video Fame

At just age 14 in 2014, Kayla appeared as a feature dancer in the music video for rap superstar Lil Wayne’s hit single “Krazy.” The video has over 147 million views on YouTube, giving the talented teenager mass exposure and building her portfolio.  

She gained even greater visibility, starring in Travis Scott’s “Antidote” visuals in 2015, executing impressive choreography moves that went viral on social platforms. Several sites ranked her sequence among the top music video dance breaks ever.

The same year, Kayla was also handpicked for DJ Khaled and Chris Brown’s clip “How Many Times” through an audition tape that showcased her skills.

Kayla Nicole’s First Acting Roles

By age 16, the rising talent started getting small acting roles too, like a 2016 episode of Disney Channel’s K.C. Undercover alongside then-teen sensation Zendaya, who herself cross-trained as a dancer before focusing on acting instead of full-time finding phenomenal success with Euphoria more recently. Kayla also appeared in Nickelodeon’s Hunter Street episode, playing the BFF character Sky.

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Kayla Nicole’s Growing Social Media Presence  

With millions of collective views on her music video features, Kayla leveraged her fame effectively across social media platforms, accumulating over 700,000 followers on Instagram. An avid TikTok user, too, she shares dance videos, fashion looks, lifestyle tidbits, and collaborations with other influencers on the channel, garnering 100,000+ followers and growing. 

The Gen-Z content creator frequently works with various brands, often gifting luxury sneakers or hosting shopping sprees for loyal supporters. As is common now in influencer marketing, these paid endorsements and partnerships compensate handsomely, supplementing Kayla’s income streams quite lucratively.  

In late 2022, Kayla starred in her reality web show on YouTube called “The Come Up,” sponsored by fast fashion online retailer Fashion Nova, where she’s also a brand ambassador. The show chronicles her journey trying to break through the music industry, revealing vulnerabilities beyond just glamorous glimpses into Kayla’s life.


Kayla Nicole Focus On Music Career Goals 

Running parallel to her acting and influencing work, Kayla has accelerated efforts on launching a professional music career with 2023 poised to showcase her original tracks. She began sharing covers and demos on Soundcloud before signing with Th3rd Brain Management, honing her vocals, songwriting, and overall artistry. 

In interviews, Kayla highlighted wishing to fuse pop, R&B,, and hip-hop flavors, reflected in her greatest inspirations from Beyonce, Rihanna, and Drake. Given her steadfast work ethic chasing passion projects since she was barely a teen, Kayla seems destined for success in whichever creative direction she pursues long-term.  

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Kayla Nicole Relationships and Lifestyle

Despite living in constant limelight, Kayla Nicole keeps her private relationships lowkey. Over the years, rumors have linked her to various celebrity boyfriends, but no long-term partnerships have been reported. Kayla spends downtime from her chaotic schedule focused on mental wellness through journaling, retail therapy sessions, or taking much-needed beach retreats near her L.A. home.  

With youth still on her side, not even 25 years yet, and an estimated cool million banked already, Kayla Nicole’s drive to evolve into a multimedia superstar knows no bounds. Her journey thus far displays all the glittery workings of showbiz mixed with gritty resilience chasing dreams from childhood.

Birth DateNovember 2, 1991
NameKayla Nicole
ProfessionAmerican former football quarterback 
FatherRobin Curry
Height6 ft 2 inches
BirthplaceUnited States
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Kayla Nicole Net Worth Milestones

Kayla Nicole has come a long way from her early beginnings as a dancer and social media personality. She earned her first major paycheck of $5,000 starring in Lil Wayne’s “Krazy” music video in 2014 at just 14 years old.

Her fame and pay continued rising as she likely collected around $15,000 to $20,000 for a lead dance role in Travis Scott’s record-breaking “Antidote” video the next year. Kayla supplemented her income with minor TV acting gigs, paying an estimated minimum of $1,500 each in 2016/17.

Currently, she charges brands anywhere from $5K to $15K+ for a sponsored social media post or campaign and rakes in additional 5-figure sums from YouTube monetization. Her diverse revenue streams, from entertainment to sponsorship deals, have allowed Kayla to build significant wealth.

She is now investing in property purchases to grow her assets even further. Though her net worth is undisclosed, Kayla has come a long way financially from her early days as a budding internet star.

Little Known Facts About Kayla Nicole

  • Won several dance talent competitions by age 10 with scholarship prizes, helping pay for performing arts education early on.
  • I secretly battled depression and anxiety from age 15, struggling with the pressures of overnight fame hitting so fast.
  • Published amateur poetry content online anonymously for years before revealing identity recently.
  • Has a huge shoe collection as a self-proclaimed “sneakerhead” with over $100K of hot pairs.
  • A pet peeve is people chewing loudly or smacking gum rudely.
  • My favorite cheat meal is shrimp alfredo pasta with garlic bread from Olive Garden.
  • Dreamed of becoming a Radio City Rockette dancer growing up, watching their iconic holiday specials every year.

The Conclusion

In just less than 10 years, Kayla Nicole has showcased immense talent and determination, carving out her niche recognition despite cutthroat competition. From viral music video ingenue to burgeoning pop act with entrepreneurial prowess, Kayla has her work ethic cut out, ascending towards the top of the entertainment mountain.

Having already cultivated an impressive million-dollar net worth before turning 25 from diverse income channels, this multifaceted young performer’s future remains filled with limitless potential.


What is Kayla Nicole’s age?

Kayla Nicole is currently 23 years old. She was born on December 28, 1999.

Who is Kayla Nicole?

Kayla Nicole is an actress, dancer, singer, and social media personality who first stepped into fame, by appearing in several popular music videos during her mid-teenage years. She now creates online content and aims to launch a professional music career.

What is the Kayla Nicole meme?

In 2015, a short clip showcasing Kayla Nicole’s dance sequence in Travis Scott’s “Antidote” video went massively viral as a meme across social platforms like Twitter and Tumblr. Many hailed her hometown-honey style hip hop choreography as iconic.

Is Kayla Nicole dating Travis Kelce?

As of 2023, Kayla Nicole is single. Rumors linked her to NFL player Travis Kelce last year due to flirty online exchanges, but neither confirmed an actual relationship. Kelce currently has a girlfriend, Kayla Walter.

Who is Kayla Nicole Bailey?

Kayla Nicole Bailey refers to a different person than Kayla Nicole discussed here. Bailey is a BET TV host and former Miss District of Columbia USA 2015 pageant winner, while Kayla “Jones” is primarily a musical performer.

Was Kayla Nicole in a major car accident?

No, there are no reports of Kayla Nicole getting into any car crashes recently. A different TikTok star named Kayla Jones survived a near-fatal collision last year, which may cause some confusion. Kayla remains safe and healthy, focusing efforts on her entertainment career goals.