Seargeoh Stallone Biography: Seargeoh Stallone is the son of the legendary Sylvester Stallone, who has worked in film in various capacities. In Rocky II, released in 1979, he played Rocky Balboa Jr. Others say that Seargeoh was a timid child, although his parents were probably concerned about his tendency toward prolonged quiet.

In 1982, at three, he was told he had autism. Seargeoh’s parents sought help after they noticed he was having trouble communicating, even though he could draw, write letters, and repeat a little vocabulary by the time he was a toddler.

It had been suggested that Sylvester and his ex-wife, Sasha Czack, place Seargeoh in a specialized institution for his treatment, but instead, Sylvester chose to care for his kid at home.

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Who is Seargeoh Stallone?

Sage and Seargeoh Stallone are the actor’s boys from his first marriage to actress Sasha Czack; Sophia, 25, Sistine, 24, and Scarlet, 20, are his daughters from his second marriage to fashion model Jennifer Flavin.

Sage Stallone, Seargeoh’s younger brother, was a far more balanced and successful businessperson. He ended up with a substantial head start throughout his career. But he abandoned this puny human race and its entire planet too soon. Consequently, it was reported that he died of a heart attack on July 13, 2012.

Seargeoh Stallone Biography

Seargeoh Stallone was born in the US city of Los Angeles. Seargeoh is his nickname. He was born in the United States and identified as White American. It has been revealed that Sylvester Stallone and Sasha Czack were Seargeoh’s proud parents. He is one of five siblings.

Regarding Seargeoh’s educational credentials, reports suggest he attended a particular school, but no specifics are accessible due to his health condition.

Seargeoh Stallone’s Early Life And Family

Seargeoh grew up in a Christian family in the United States. Sylvester Stallone, the famed actor, screenwriter, producer, and director known for films like “Rocky” (1976), “Rambo” (1982), and “Creed”(2000), is his father (2015). Similarly, his mom, Sasha Czack, works in show business.

Famous films she acted in include “Love of Life” (1951), “Long Lost Love” (1996), and “Vic” (1999). (2006). On December 28, 1974, Seargeoh’s parents tied the knot. 

By February 14, 1985, they had separated after 11 years of marriage. Even though Sasha was Sylvester’s first wife, he ultimately wed twice more. Misuse of the two sets of forceps used to deliver Seargeoh resulted in the accidental severing of a nerve, paralyzing sections of his face. Sasha, Seargeoh’s mother, experienced problems during childbirth.

Yet, Seargeoh was only 3 when he was diagnosed with autism. His father has always been his most prominent advocate, and his mother and stepfather have treated him no differently than any other child while encouraging him to pursue acting. However, despite extensive treatment, Seargeoh couldn’t fully recover and could never have a successful career in the Hollywood sector.

When compared to other autistic kids, he stood out quite a bit. He could think for himself and carry out simple tasks. His condition improved significantly when he turned ten but never fully recovered. Seargeoh’s paternal grandfather was an Italian-American barber and polo player named Francesco Frank Sr. Stallone. He wrote the novel Stewart Lane as well. 

His maternal grandmother was the American astrologer, dancer, and promoter of women’s wrestling known simply as “Jackie Stallone.” Frank Stallone and Dante Stallone were his uncles, while Toni D’Alto was his aunt; all three died of lung cancer on August 26, 2012.

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Autism and Seargeoh Stallone

For some reason, after Seargeoh Stallone and his father were featured on the cover of the US weekly magazine “People,” he started showing signs of autism. Sylvester quickly realized that something was off with his son’s demeanor. Seargeoh started droning on and on with the same lines. Even before he could walk, he started making images. 

After subjecting him to a battery of diagnostic exams and procedures, doctors have concluded that he has autism. Sylvester and Sasha started crying because they could not accept the truth.

That was challenging for them as parents, but they raised the child themselves. Thanks mainly to his parents’ efforts and therapy, Seargeoh Stallone could walk independently when he was ten.

Personal History of Seargeoh Stallone

When it comes to his personal life, Seargeoh Stallone is notoriously secretive. His relationship status, if any, or lack thereof, remains unknown. We also have no idea about his romantic history. Seargeoh’s older sibling, Sage, died in 2012 from heart disease. Like his famous father before him, Sage went into show business. His film credits include Rocky V, Daylight, Chaos, etc., in which he played the lead role.

Sylvester Stallone’s lovely daughters are Sistine Stallone, Scarlet Rose Stallone, and Sophia Rose Stallone, all of whom he had with American model Jennifer Flavin. Seargeoh made his acting debut as Robert “Rocky” Balboa Jr., the newborn son of Rocky and Adrian, in his father’s Rocky II. Sly Stallone helmed and scripted the movie. No details about Seargeoh’s current occupation are available.

His famous actor father, Sylvester, starred in films like Rocky and Rambo.

Seargeoh Stallone’s Net Worth

There is a lack of specifics regarding his occupation and salary. So, we cannot estimate his wealth. However, some sources claim that by 2022, he had amassed a net worth of around $4 million. On the other hand, his father, Sylvester Stallone, made his money in the entertainment industry. Sylvester has an overall fortune of $400 million.

Dimensions of the Body

Seargeoh is 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs 77 kilograms. Stallone is a brown-haired, brown-eyed man.

Online Networks, or “Social Media”

Seargeoh does not participate in online communities. He lives a secluded life, far from the eyes of the media.


In 1979, Sylvester Stallone and his then-wife welcomed their son Seargeoh. The birth of their son Seargeoh coincided with a high point in his father’s career. His mother is not as well-known as his father, Sylvester, who has been in such films as Demolition Man, Rocky, Rambo, Nighthawks, Creed, and many more. 

Sasha Czack, his mom, entered the world on July 17, 1950, in Chester, Pennsylvania. She graduated from the University of Notre Dame–Du Lac with a degree in Media Studies. On December 28, 1974, Sasha and Sylvester tied the knot. Thanks for taking the time to read this detailed article on Seargeoh Stallone. We appreciate your visit.


What is Seargeoh Stallone’s age?

Seargeoh Stallone is the son of the famous actor Sylvester Stallone. He was born in 1979, which makes him about 45 years old as of 2024. Even though he’s Sly’s son, Seargeoh has stayed out of the spotlight for the most part.

What are Seargeoh Stallone movies?

Unlike his famous father, Seargeoh Stallone has not acted in major movies. He made a brief appearance as a baby in the 1979 film Rocky II, but that was the extent of his on-screen career. Seargeoh was born with autism, and his family has been very protective of his privacy.

Is Seargeoh Stallone dead?

Nope, Seargeoh Stallone is still alive and well today. There were some false rumors of his death that spread online in the 2010s, but those have been debunked. Seargeoh keeps a very low profile, but he continues to be supported by his family, including his dad, Sylvester.

Who is Seargeoh Stallone’s wife?

Seargeoh has never been married. He is extremely private, and little is known about his personal life. Seargeoh lives out of the spotlight, and it’s unclear if he has ever had romantic relationships. His family guards his privacy closely.

Who are the Seargeoh Stallone siblings?

Seargeoh has two younger half-sisters from his father’s marriages. Sophia Rose Stallone was born in 1996 to Sylvester and Jennifer Flavin. Sistine Stallone was born in 1998, also to Sylvester and Jennifer. Seargeoh is very private, so not much is known about his relationships with his younger sisters, but they all appear to be a close-knit family.