Alexis Maas came into the limelight as the second wife of the late Johnny Carson, one of America’s most iconic talk show hosts and comedians. While Carson undoubtedly remained the more famous half of the couple, Maas led an intriguing life herself even before marrying him in 1987. This article explores Alexis Maas’ journey—her early days, marriage to Carson, philanthropic endeavors, and what she’s up to today.

Alexis Maas’s Net Worth

While less renowned than her legendary husband, Alexis Maas also holds significant individual wealth. As the heir to Carson’s estate following his 2005 death, much of Maas’ current $200 million net worth can be attributed to this inheritance.

This includes lucrative assets like the Carson family’s expansive Malibu Beach home, evaluated at over $80 million alone. However, Maas also derives income from her long-standing success as a financier and savvy property owner in her own right—with holdings across California and New York.

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Early Life and Education

Born Alexis Maas in 1949, not much is publicly known about her upbringing years or family—unsurprising given her penchant for privacy even today. While details remain scarce, available information suggests Maas had already established herself professionally in business finance circa 1980. Right before her path fatefully crossed with the storied host ruling late-night TV for three decades.

Maas holds a BA in Business Administration from the University of Southern California. As a young woman striking out independently, she leveraged this background to gain employment at a prominent investment banking firm in Los Angeles. Showcasing the determination and intellect that would steer her through future success.

Trailblazing Career Before Johnny Carson

Before marrying Carson in 1987, Alexis Maas had already made her mark across savvy property investments and business finance in LA.

She quickly rose as a leading financier sought after by elite corporate clients across entertainment, sports, aviation, and more. Not one to rest on laurels, Maas accrued millions securing real estate across LA—notably a producer’s lavish mansion she sold at immense profit.

First Meeting with Johnny Carson

By fate or destiny, Alexis Maas first encountered Johnny Carson during a chance meeting at a Malibu party in 1982. This kickstarted a romantic relationship between the entertainment icon, pushing 60, and the beautiful financial expert almost two decades his junior.

Close confidantes suggest Alexis’s quick wit and intellect helped cement the mutual attraction. While numerous women had passed through the unmarried Carson’s life by then, Maas ultimately proved special in sharing his private outlook on life.

They married on June 20, 1987, in a private ceremony—his fourth and her first trip down the aisle.

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Life as Mrs. Johnny Carson

While Carson dominated public attention, insiders say Alexis Maas played an invaluable role behind the scenes throughout their 18-year marriage. She reportedly handled much of the household and property management duties Carson preferred to avoid himself.

Many also viewed Maas as instrumental in softening some of Carson’s famously mercurial edges during his final decade out of the spotlight. Her calming presence allowed him to enjoy a quiet retirement away from television before his 2005 death. They spent much of their marriage between the lavish Malibu beach home and travels abroad to Paris and Wimbledon.

Through it all, Maas chose to forge her own continuing success managing key clients in finance—by then, a self-made millionaire with an established name beyond just “Johnny Carson’s wife.” She also tirelessly supported causes dear to her husband, like wildlife conservation.

Philanthropy and Estate Inheritance After Johnny Carson

While often guarded in privacy herself, Alexis Maas notably kept up Johnny Carson’s tradition of generous, if discreet, giving for over 15 years since he passed away in 2005.

She has continued support for several of her late husband’s pet causes—notably the John W. Carson Foundation, which supports children, education, and environmental issues. The foundation’s outlays increased under her guidance, with estimated average donations of $1.5 million annually.

Maas also inherited the entirety of Johnny’s considerable wealth and assets as per his will—estimated between $300 million and $500 million. Amongst diverse holdings, the Malibu beachfront property remains the crown jewel, accruing millions in value yearly.

She has also made additional personal contributions to UCLA Health—one of California’s top-tier medical research centers over the years.


Life Today and Relationship with Johnny Carson’s Sons

Residing primarily between California and New York, Alexis Maas continues handling her business clients while managing inheritance matters from Johnny Carson. Despite crossing well into her 70s now, she remains actively engaged in investment decisions and running the estate.

While ferociously private about her circumstances, long-time confidence suggests she maintains cordial ties with the children from Johnny Carson’s previous marriages over collective interests.

Neither shows signs of retiring anytime soon, either!

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Lesser Known Facts About Alexis Maas

  • Fluent in French owing to early years spent living in Paris
  • Enjoys tennis, fine dining, and literary events. Patrons
  • Known to still regularly consult fortune tellers and astrologers
  • An early backer for beginning art studios and galleries in LA during the 1990s
  • Briefly appeared (mostly out of curiosity) as a panelist on a mid-90s game show Johnny Carson produced

So, while the legendary comedian rightly draws public memory decades later, fans worldwide should not overlook Alexis Maas’ intriguing life in her regard. From success before and during marriage to Johnny Carson, leading up to recent estate matters and selective philanthropy pursuits, her story remains unique and still evolving today.


What is Alexis Maas’s age?

Alexis Maas is currently believed to be 74 years old. Public records indicate she was born in 1949, though the date remains undisclosed. This would place her birth year between January 1st and December 31st of 1949.

Who is Alexis Maas’s husband?

Alexis Maas’s husband was legendary comedian and talk show host Johnny Carson. The two met at a party in 1982 before marrying in a private ceremony on June 20, 1987. Their marriage lasted 18 years until Carson’s passing in 2005.

What is Alexis Maas’s height?

While her exact height is unknown publicly, photos alongside Carson (who stood at 6 feet 1 inch tall) suggest Alexis Maas is likely between 5 feet 5 inches and 5 feet 8 inches tall. Estimates place her around the average height for American women.

Is Alexis Maas still alive?

Yes, Alexis Maas is alive and well today at 74 years old, based on all available information. She continues to handle her business endeavors while managing the inheritance of Johnny Carson’s substantial estate since his 2005 death.

Where is Alexis Maas today?

Alexis Maas splits her time primarily between luxurious homes in California and New York City. She has lived quietly over the last 15+ years, occasionally attending galas supporting causes like medical research and environmental conservation.