At just 10 years old, North West’s name carries major star power and intrigue. As the first-born child of mega-celebrity couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in 2013, her life has been subject to the public eye since birth. While her famous parents have built a combined billionaire dollar empire through TV shows, cosmetics, fashion and music, North is also building an impressive net worth of her own. 

From luxury gifts and trips to business ventures and endorsement deals, North West lives a lavish lifestyle that most kids could only dream of. While her exact worth is kept private, various reports estimate North West net worth could be around $10 to $20 million already at her young age.

So where exactly does North West’s million-dollar fortune come from and what does her glamorous childhood look like? Here’s a deeper look inside her finances and opulent lifestyle growing up with two of Hollywood’s biggest stars for parents.

NameNorth West
NicknameNori, Northie, NW
Born CountryUSA
Height4′6 (139cm)
MotherKim Kardashian
FatherKanye West
Date of BirthJune 15, 2013
Social MediaInstagram: @norisblackbook
Credits: IMDb

Her Decadent Lifestyle

Given her family’s collective billionaire dollar net worth, it’s no surprise North lives a luxurious lifestyle split between California and Wyoming. She calls Kim’s $60 million Hidden Hills mansion home but also enjoys time at her dad Kanye’s sprawling $30 million Wyoming ranch. 

North usually travels by private jet, often accompanying her parents to events and on lavish vacations worldwide. Some destinations she’s tagged to include Paris, Mexico, Japan, Uganda, and the Bahamas.

For her 6th birthday in 2019, her parents spent $100,000 throwing her an epic “Camp North” birthday bash. The lush backyard was decked out with custom teepees, a slackline, fire pit for making s’mores, and even her private forest.

North West Net Worth
North West Net Worth

Gifts and Personal Wealth  

Being born into extreme wealth and celebrity often comes with over-the-top gifts starting as early as birth. After welcoming North in 2013, Kanye gifted Kim a $750,000 black diamond Lorraine Schwartz choker as a push present. When North was born, she was gifted diamond earrings worth $50,000 and a children’s mink coat priced around $65,000.

As she’s grown up, North’s net worth has skyrocketed. She receives lavish gifts for holidays and birthdays like one-of-a-kind clothes, shoes, bags, jewellery, toys, trips and more. It’s been reported she has at least $60,000 worth of Hermes handbags already. 

She also rakes in big bucks, partnering with her mom for paid endorsement deals and ads. In 2020, Kim announced a $200 million deal between KKW Beauty and Coty. As she’s featured heavily on her mom’s social media and in beauty campaigns, North likely sees a generous chunk of that payday.

Real Estate and Inheritance 

Adding even more zeroes to her fortune, North reportedly owns multiple properties her parents have purchased for her. These are said to include at least 2 plots of land totaling around $300,000 in the Bahamas and a $65,625 condo on the same street as Kim. 

And that’s not all – when Kanye and Kim initially listed their $60 million home amid divorce, it was reported they hoped to buy back the house for North to inherit someday.

With all signs pointing to an amicable co-parenting relationship despite the ended marriage, North will almost certainly stand to inherit millions someday from both her mom and dad’s empires.

Investments and Family Businesses

The Kardashian family has built a booming business empire turning their name and image into products, shows, apps, and partnerships that rake in 9-figure sums. As the next generation comes up, all the Kardashian kids stand to benefit from the fruits of this empire. 

In 2017, Kim launched her famous KIMOJI app empire featuring North animated stickers which brought in over $1 million in minutes. It’s likely North sees generous royalties and kickbacks from this and any other apps, shows and deals her image is involved in. 

The Kardashians also ensure their children are set up for financial success through investment accounts, trust funds, and more. North reportedly has a stock portfolio started by her dad worth $120,000 including shares of Disney, Amazon and Adidas.

While she lives a lavish life of luxury, her parents work to teach financial literacy early too – like starting lemonade stands, earning money for chores, and saving up for big toy purchases.

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A Promising Future

While North West seems to have it all already growing up with such privilege, insider sources say her parents don’t simply spoil her but want her life to have many “normal” childhood moments too.  

As North continues growing up, her net worth and opportunities are limitless. With increasingly involved roles representing her mom’s brands, launching her own projects, and inheriting part of her family’s empire someday, the North West financial future continues to look blindingly bright.

Career Highlights

Though only 10 years old, North has already begun building her own public profile outside of just being Kim and Kanye’s daughter. Some highlights include:

  • She made her musical debut at Kanye’s Yeezy Season 8 fashion show in Paris in 2020. North sang a rendition of the viral ZaZa song “What I Do?” while walking the runway with her dad.
  • Landing her first magazine cover in February 2022 when she appeared with Kim on the front of Vogue Czechoslovakia. The shoot was titled “The Future Issue.”
  • She launched a joint TikTok account with her mom, Kim in November 2021, now with over 11 million followers. Their videos gain millions of likes.
  • Rumours she is in talks for her reality show to document her growth and budding interests in the creative arts.

The Conclusion

While still at the start of what will surely be an eventful life growing up in the spotlight, North West has already shown talents and charisma that have captured public interest. Her early singing performances, magazine cover shoots, and viral TikTok suggest she may follow her famous parents’ footsteps in entertainment. With youth still on her side, the sky truly seems the limit for little North!

Does North West have siblings?

Yes, she has one brother named Saint (age 7) and two sisters named Chicago (age 5) and Psalm (age 3).

What is North West’s net worth?

Various reports estimate 10-year old North West’s net worth at approximately $10 million. This is expected to grow tremendously in the coming years given her celebrity pedigree.

How does North West make her money?

She earns money from endorsement deals, TV show appearances, paid partnerships on her mom’s social media, trust funds from her parents, a stock portfolio, and lucrative gifts.

What does North West do for fun?

She enjoys horseback riding, singing, dancing, drawing, gymnastics, playing with makeup, and trying on clothes.

Where does North West live?

She splits her time between her mom Kim Kardashian’s home in Hidden Hills, California and her dad Kanye West’s ranch in Cody, Wyoming.

What is North West most famous for?

While fame runs in her genes thanks to her superstar parents, North is best known currently for appearances on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, her shared TikTok account with mom Kim and her budding modeling and performance career.

What brands does North West wear?

She wears many luxury designer brands like Balenciaga, Prada, Jacquemus, Dolce & Gabbana, and her dad Kanye’s Yeezy shoes.