Jessica Aldean has an estimated net worth of $6 million as of 2023. She is an American businesswoman, fashion designer, and social media personality best known for being the wife of famous country music singer Jason Aldean. Keep reading to learn more about how Jessica Aldean achieved her wealth. Let’s Know Jessica Aldean Net Worth

Jessica Aldean’s Early Life

Jessica Ussery was born on August 30, 1982, in North Carolina. She was interested in fashion from a young age and eventually moved to Tennessee after high school to attend the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. This set the stage for her later career in fashion design.

In high school, Jessica met her future husband, Jason Aldean, when he performed at a bar she was at. However, they did not immediately begin dating. Jessica married her high school sweetheart in 2000 when she was just 18 years old. The marriage lasted for over a decade, but the two divorced in 2012. 

Jessica Aldean Net Worth

Soon after her divorce, Jessica reconnected with Jason Aldean. The old high school classmates began a romantic relationship which turned into marriage the next year in 2013. This relationship has been very public and launched Jessica into the spotlight as a celebrity spouse.

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Jessica Aldean Career

While married to her first husband, Jessica worked several jobs, including as an NBA cheerleader and calendar model. However, it was after connecting with Jason Aldean that her career truly took off.

Jessica launched her clothing and accessory lines soon into her new high-profile relationship. She founded Key Street Style in 2013 and later started her own online clothing boutique called JessSouthern in 2017. Through these business ventures in fashion retail, Jessica has achieved most of her multimillion-dollar net worth.

In addition to being a fashion entrepreneur, Jessica has over 2 million Instagram followers, which she leverages as an influencer. She regularly promotes her designs as well as other brands and products she partners with. This provides an additional revenue stream contributing to her overall wealth.

Jessica Aldean’s Personal Life

Jessica and Jason Aldean have been married since 2013. Together, they have two daughters named Navy and Memphis. The family splits their time between homes in Nashville and Florida.

Jason and Jessica have been very public through social media throughout their relationship and marriages. This has increased Jessica’s popularity and business opportunities as an influencer and fashion designer. However, it has also led to challenges and controversies when facing criticism online.


Overall, Jessica has shared that the positives of their public lifestyle have far outweighed the negatives for their family and her business ventures. She continues to grow her fashion brands and social media following between spending time with her husband and children.

Birth DateOctober 18, 1979
Birth nameJessica Ann Ussery
Height5′ 4″ (1.63 m)
SpouseJake Marlin(October 17, 2015 – present)
Jason Aldean(August 4, 2001 – August 26, 2013) (divorced, 2 children)
BirthplaceGeorgia, USA

Jessica Aldean Wife

As mentioned, Jessica has been married twice in her life. Her first marriage right after high school lasted over a decade. But Jessica’s second marriage to famous country star Jason Aldean has kept her in the spotlight these past several years.

Jessica and Jason have now been married since 2013. Her role as Aldean’s wife has been crucial in providing her with the fame and recognition to help her launch and grow her fashion business, now her primary source of multimillion-dollar wealth.

The couple has a strong marriage despite a few controversies tied to Jason’s career over the years. Jason and Jessica are very active in business and philanthropy work while balancing their family life and raising two young daughters.

Jessica Aldean Boyfriend

Before her two marriages, little was publicly known about Jessica Aldean’s dating history or previous boyfriends besides her first husband in high school. She dated her first husband for several years in her teens before getting married in 2000 after high school.

Over a decade later, after being newly divorced from her first husband, Jessica reconnected with country music star Jason Aldean. The high school acquaintances quickly began a romantic relationship, leading to marriage within a year in 2013. Jessica was 31 years old when she married Jason which is the relationship that has kept her in the celebrity spotlight through to today.


So, while not much is known about Jessica’s boyfriends before her first husband, Jason Aldean, her relationship history over the past 15 years has been quite public and crucial to providing her with the profile and opportunities to find success as a businesswoman. Her marriage to Aldean opened the doors for her fashion career, now her claim to a multimillion-dollar net worth as an entrepreneur and influencer.

Unknown Facts About Jessica Aldean

While her fame has come from being the wife of Jason Aldean, here are some interesting facts about Jessica separate from her famous husband:

  • Competed in beauty pageants as a teenager and won Miss Tennessee Teen USA in 1999
  • Cheered professionally for the Charlotte Hornets NBA team early in her career. She has a pilot’s license
  • Is an avid hunter and outdoorswoman when not designing clothes
  • Jessica got bullied severely in middle school, which she now speaks out against
  • She broke off her first engagement before marrying her high school boyfriend
  • She struggled for years to expand her family before using a gestational carrier

At just 41 years old, Jessica has already achieved an incredible amount professionally while overcoming personal challenges in her younger years. While her celebrity marriage increased her opportunities, she has also worked hard to build several successful fashion businesses, largely through Key Street Style and JessSouthern.

With her entrepreneurial drive and an ongoing public platform, Jessica should continue growing her wealth for years while balancing her career with raising two young daughters with her husband, Jason Aldean.

1. What is Jessica Aldean’s age?

Jessica Aldean was born on August 30, 1982. As of 2023, she is 41 years old. Jessica was born in North Carolina and pursued higher education in Tennessee, where she met her first husband. She married country singer Jason Aldean in 2013 when she was 31 years old, which propelled her into the celebrity spotlight.

2. Who is Jessica Aldean’s spouse?

Jessica Aldean’s husband is the famous American country music singer Jason Aldean. The two first met in high school when Jason performed at a bar Jessica was at, but they did not connect romantically until over a decade later, in 2012. They began dating shortly after Jessica divorced her first husband, and they married in 2013. Jason and Jessica Aldean have now been married for 10 years.

3. Who are Jessica Aldean’s children?

Jessica and Jason have two daughters together named Navy Rome and Memphis Monroe. Navy was born in 2017, and Memphis was born in 2019 via gestational carrier after the couple struggled with fertility issues for several years. Jessica is also stepmother to Jason’s two older daughters from his previous marriage.