Daymond John’s rags-to-riches journey has inspired countless entrepreneurs over the past few decades. Best known as an investor on ABC’s business reality TV show Shark Tank, Daymond has come a long way from his humble beginnings selling hand-made hats on the streets of Queens. His perseverance led him to build the globally recognized FUBU clothing brand that has cemented his legacy.

Early Life

Daymond Garfield John was born in Brooklyn, New York, on February 23, 1969. His mother taught him to sew wool caps when he was just 10 years old, instilling an entrepreneurial spirit in him from a young age. Growing up, his family lived in one of the roughest neighborhoods of Queens, where opportunities were limited. However, Daymond channeled his energy into honing his sewing skills while attending Bayside High School.

Daymond John

Founding FUBU

After graduating high school in 1987, Daymond had difficulty finding stable employment. Along with his neighborhood friends J. Alexander Martin, Keith Perrin, and Carlton Brown, they began creating and selling tie-top wool hats and t-shirts. Pooling in $40,000 from their mothers’ mortgages, the foursome launched their clothing label in 1992, which they named “FUBU” – an acronym for “For Us By Us.”

Daymond spearheaded their early marketing campaigns on the streets and at venues where his target audience congregated. His guerrilla tactics helped spread awareness of FUBU organically throughout New York. While the other founders eventually left to pursue other careers over the next few years, Daymond persevered through many obstacles to grow FUBU into an apparel empire.

By 1998, FUBU had generated over $350 million in revenue. While the company filed for bankruptcy in 2003, it remains operational today, with Daymond still holding a sizable ownership stake.

Daymond John Net Worth

FUBU’s success has substantially grown Daymond John’s net worth over the past three decades. As of 2023, reputable outlets estimate his net worth around $350 million. While he earned most of his fortune from the FUBU clothing brand, he has amassed additional wealth through other business ventures and media.

In 2009, John founded Shark Branding, a full-service brand consultancy agency. He also generates steady income from speaking engagements for which he charges between $50,000 to $100,000 per event. Of course, Daymond receives substantial money from his regular appearance as an ABC’s Shark Tank investor. Additionally, he has authored several best-selling books, including The Power of Broke, which offer him another revenue stream.

Daymond John Net Worth

Daymond John’s Personal Life

Amidst all of his business pursuits, Daymond John also makes time for his relationships. He married his first wife, Carolyn, in 1994. However, the couple divorced a few years later. John eventually remarried in 2004 to Heather Taras, a designer. Together, they are parents of a blended family of six children living in New York City from their previous relationships.

Ever energetic, John wakes up before dawn each morning to begin his workout routine. His discipline extends through the day as he efficiently manages his packed schedule. Each week, you can find him dividing his time between managing his expanding portfolio of investments, media appearances, speaking events, and family commitments.

Birth DateFebruary 23, 1969
Birth nameDaymond G. John
Nick NameDJ
FatherGarfield John
MotherMargot John
Height5′ 7″ (1.70 m)
WifeHeather Taras
ChildrenYasmeen John, Destiny John
BirthplaceBrooklyn, New York, USA

Daymond John Career

In addition to running FUBU and operating his branding agency, Daymond John has thrived as a television personality over the past decade. He first entered the media spotlight through appearances on programs like The Oprah Winfrey Show and The Today Show. 

John’s fame grew substantially when he joined ABC’s Shark Tank in 2009 during its inaugural season. Approaching its 15th season in late 2023, Shark Tank features ambitious entrepreneurs pitching new business ideas to a panel of “shark” investors. Daymond initially caught producer Mark Burnett’s attention due to his resonating rags-to-riches narrative. 

While Shark Tank has given him a bigger platform to invest in startups, John has also leveraged the exposure to grow his profile. Each episode draws millions of viewers as Daymond dispenses blunt but insightful business advice to participants. His sharp eye for viable brands and his warm, approachable nature have made him a fan favorite on the show over the years.

In addition to his media presence, John stays actively engaged through public speaking. He shares his entrepreneurial insights worldwide at business conferences, universities, and corporate events. Daymond also founded the DOT (Daymond on the Trail) Network initiative that brings inspiration and mentorship directly to youth entrepreneurs.

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Unknown Facts About Daymond John

  • Before making hats, a young Daymond tried selling pencils and flyers door-to-door in his neighborhood to make extra cash. However, he quickly found the profit margins too low.
  • While Wool Loon caps formed FUBU’s first hit product, their tie-top nylon hats exploded in popularity after rapper LL Cool J wore one at a concert. This gave FUBU vital early credibility with urban youth.  
  • John entered a TV contest to help fund FUBU’s national expansion, waking up on top of a billboard after 15 days of living. His prize for winning was a check worth over $100,000.
  • An avid fan of Japanese animation since childhood, Daymond voiced a character for an episode of the cult classic anime series Afro Samurai.
  • Before joining the entrepreneurial investor panel on Shark Tank, John was originally tapped for Dragons’ Den – the UK precursor show. However, contractual issues prevented him from signing on.

Despite fame and fortune coming his way now, Daymond John has never forgotten his humble roots. He continues to empower BIPOC (Black, Indigenous & People of Color) entrepreneurs like himself who face systemic disadvantages trying to get ahead. Much can be gleaned from his successes and setbacks that shaped John into the inspirational business leader he is today.

1. What is Daymond John’s height?

Daymond John stands 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm) tall, as confirmed reports. His relatively average stature has helped his rise to success.

2. Who was Daymond John’s first wife?

Daymond John’s first wife was Carolyn John. The two got married in 1994 but divorced within a few years. Details are scarce about Carolyn as Daymond keeps his personal life private.

3. Is Daymond John married?

Yes, Daymond John is currently married. After divorcing Carolyn, he married designer Heather Taras again in 2004.

4. Who is Daymond John’s current wife?

Daymond John’s current wife is Heather Taras. She works as a fashion designer based out of New York. Heather and Daymond have now enjoyed nearly 20 years of marriage.

5. What is Daymond John’s current net worth?

As of 2023, Daymond John’s net worth is estimated at $350 million. Most of his fortune stems from founding the globally recognized FUBU clothing brand.

6. How many times has Daymond John been married?

To date, Daymond John has legally been married twice in his life. His first marriage to Carolyn lasted only a few years before divorcing in the 1990s. John has remained happily married to his second wife, Heather Taras, since 2004.