Anne Stringfield Net Worth: Anne Stringfield, better known as the second wife of legendary actor and comedian Steve Martin, is an American writer and former staffer for the New Yorker magazine.

In the middle of the 2000s, she met her future husband while working as a fact checker for the magazine. She had a stint as a freelancer contributing to “Vogue” magazine. She has also reviewed works of art and plays performed off-Broadway. 

Her husband is a dedicated art collector and an L.A. MOA trustee.  Although her marriage to Martin, who is almost three decades her senior, made headlines back in 2007, the celebrity wife has largely avoided the public eye in the years thereafter, with the exception of a few public appearances with her family.

Who Is Anne Stringfield?

Anne Stringfield goes to the Ed Sullivan Theater to see David Letterman’s Late Show. John Lamparski (in a photo) Image via Getty Images. Anne was born in Florida, the United States.

Her physician father is Dr. James Stringfield, and his area of expertise is pulmonology. Her mom’s name is Margo Stringfield. She has been working as an archaeologist with the UWF for some time. Anne had a younger sister, but nobody knew who she was.


Anne Stringfield is an American author and former staff writer for The New Yorker. She is the actress and comedian Steve Martin’s wife. Anne Powell Stringfield’s parents, Dr. James Stringfield (Father) of the University of Alabama School of Medicine’s Department of Pulmonary Medicine and Margo Stringfield (Mother) of West Florida University’s Department of Archaeology brought her into the world in 1972 in Pensacola, Florida. 

Her younger sister will be serving as maid of honor.

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Early Life

Anne Powell Stringfield was born to her parents in 1972. Her mother, Margo Stringfield, is a professor of archaeology at the University of West Florida, and her father, who went by the name James, is a pulmonologist. She started her schooling at Pensacola High School and continued at Davidson College, where she graduated in 1994.

Anne Stringfield received her secondary education at Pensacola High, a public high school in the heart of Pensacola, Florida. Her curiosity about acting began at this theater. She earned her Bachelor’s degree from Davidson College in 1994.

Her Marriage

Anne Stringfield Net Worth

When Anne worked as an editor at The New Yorker around 2002, Steve Martin gave her a comedic piece he had written to edit. After Anne phoned Steve to discuss the piece, the two started a conversation and stayed in touch by phone for a few years before finally meeting in person. Both introverted and bashful, they established a rapport and began seeing each other more frequently. 

Because of their striking resemblance, she was even mistaken for Kristen Davis. Anne and Steve tied the knot on July 28, 2007, at Steve’s home in Los Angeles. Friends of the couple, including Carl Reiner, Eugene Levy, Ricky Jay, and Tom Hanks, were in attendance. Bob Kerrey, a senator and personal acquaintance, presided over the gathering. Steve’s best man was comedian Lorne Michaels. 

Anne donned a Vera Wang Wedding gown, while Steve opted for Armani. Hot Rize, a band, performed for the audience. The guests were caught off guard by the wedding; they had been under the notion that they were attending a traditional celebration.

Steve had previously been married to British actress Victoria Tennant (1986–1994), and he had dated Carrie Fisher (actor), Cindy Sherman (artist), and Bernadette Peters before getting married for the second time (actress).

The French West Indies were the setting for the happy couple’s Honeymoon. Steve Martin and Anne Stringfield’s relationship drew widespread notice because of the 27-year age gap between them. They raised a daughter they named Mary Martin.

Anne Stringfield’s Age.

Anne Stringfield’s birth date and month in 1972 are uncertain. As of the year 2021, Anne Stringfield will be 49 years old.

Anne Stringfield Net Worth

Anne Stringfield Net Worth

Anne Stringfield began dating Steve in 2004, and they eventually tied the knot three years later. On July 28, 2007, Anne and her husband surprised their seventy-five guests by getting married at his Los Angeles home.

He is widely regarded as a comedic great. He has appeared in over 50 films, hosted Saturday Night Live on multiple occasions, and dabbled in music. 

At the 2015 AFI Awards, Steve’s longtime friend Tina Fey joked that Steve is she but younger, smaller, and wiser.  Anne was marrying for the first time, but Steve was already divorced from British actress Victoria Tennant.

Is Anne Stringfield Married Currently?

Anne has a beautiful marriage and life. Steve Martin is her husband’s name. Her husband is a well-known actor who has been in numerous films. Anne was an editor at The New Yorker during their 2002 meeting.

She was given a Steve Martin comedic script to edit. They hit it off and began dating seriously. They had been seeing each other for five years before committing to becoming more than just friends. 

Anne and Steve’s wedding took place on July 28, 2007. The reception was held at Steve’s Los Angeles home. Tom Hanks, Eugene Levy, Carl Reiner, and Ricky Jay were among the famous faces in attendance. Bob Kerrey served as the event’s master of ceremonies.


American author and former New Yorker staffer Anne Stringfield is the second wife of the late great Steve Martin. She worked as a newspaper fact-checker when she met her future husband in the middle of the new millennium. She was a freelance writer for Vogue for a short time.

She has also written reviews for art exhibitions and off-Broadway shows. Her husband is an art collector and trustee at the Los Angeles Museum of Art. Her 2007 wedding to Martin, some 30 years her senior, attracted headlines. Despite this, the celebrity spouse has stayed out of the spotlight for several years. Thanks for stopping by.


What is Anne Stringfield age?

Anne Stringfield was born in 1972, so as of the end of 2023 she is believed to be around 51 years old.

Who is Anne Stringfield daughter?

Anne Stringfield has one daughter with her husband, Steve Martin. Their daughter was born in 2012 and her name is Mary Martin.

What is Anne Stringfield net worth?

Estimations of Anne Stringfield’s individual net worth vary greatly since she comes from an affluent family background. However, combined with her famous husband Steve Martin, their joint household net worth is placed around $140 million.

Who is Anne Stringfield husband?

Anne Stringfield’s husband is the well-known comedy actor and writer Steve Martin. The two first connected in the 2000s through a mutual friend and they got married in 2007 in a private ceremony. They have been married for over 15 years now.