Sam Neil Net Worth: You can find information on Sam Neill’s net worth, wife, age, height, weight, annual income, and more on this page. Sam Neill is a well-known actor, director, producer, and writer from New Zealand worth roughly $20 million.

Sam Neill has established himself as a highly regarded and popular performer, producer, director, and writer. Sam is a fantastic performer who has appeared in several blockbuster films.

Sam Neill has been an actor and filmmaker for half a century. Although he has contributed to several great films, his work in Jurassic Park and its sequel brought him widespread acclaim. He has also contributed to the next installment in the film series. 

Sam Neill was born in Northern Ireland, although he and his family eventually emigrated to New Zealand. He’s been acting in NZ films and TV series since. Later, he upped and left for Hollywood in the United States. Sam has had a long and successful acting career, receiving several awards and honors.

How much money does Sam Neill have?

Sam Neill is a New Zealander actor with an estimated net worth of $18 million. He was born in Northern Ireland. Neill has become a household name thanks to his starring role in the first “Jurassic Park” film and its many sequels. 

In addition to this, he has made cameo appearances in films, including “The Hunt for Red October,” “The Piano,” and “Possession.” His acting career on TV includes parts in shows like “The Tudors,” “Peaky Blinders,” and the miniseries “Merlin.” Sam has also established himself as a voice actor, providing his talents to shows like “The Simpsons” and “Rick and Morty.”

Neill has received many recognitions and prizes during his career. Two Primetime Emmy nominations and the New Zealand Film Award are among these. He has dabbled in other creative fields outside acting, such as writing, directing, and producing.

Sam Neill’s Home Country

Recent evidence suggests that New Zealand is Joe Pepitone’s country of origin. Those who succeed in their chosen fields and get widespread recognition may feel an extra sense of pride in their nationality. The nationality of one’s favorite celebrities and stars is often a topic of interest because of its significance in shaping their legend.

Sam Neill’s Profession

Sam Neill got his start in the acting business in the 1970s in New Zealand’s theater and television industry. Before making his Hollywood debut in the 1981 picture “Escape from New York,” he acted in several films in Australia and New Zealand. Neill starred as Fletcher Christian in the 1984 picture “The Bounty,” opposite Mel Gibson as Captain Bligh. 

He then went on to star in several blockbuster movies like “Jurassic Park,” “The Hunt for Red October,” and “The Piano.” Besides acting in movies, Neill has also been on television in reoccurring parts in series like “Peaky Blinders” and “Alcatraz.”

In addition, he has provided his voice for a variety of documentaries and cartoons. Neill is well-known not only for his acting but also for his winemaking. He is the proprietor of Two Paddocks, a winery in Central Otago, New Zealand.

Honors and Awards Received by Sam Neill

Sam Neil Net Worth

Throughout his career, Sam Neill has received numerous award nominations and wins. Here are just a few of his many honors and accolades:

  • His work in “One Against the Wind” (1992) earned him a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor in a Miniseries or Television Motion Picture.
  • His work as Alfred in “Merlin” (1998) earned him a nomination for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Limited Series or Movie.
  • Honored with the 2003 Global Achievement Award from the Australian Film Institute.
  • Honored as an Officer of the Order of Australia for services to the Australian performing arts and wine industries in 2007.
  • Best Supporting Actor for his role in “The Piano” (1993) earned him the New Zealand Film and Television Award.
  • Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was awarded in 2017.

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Personal Life

Sam Neill has earned multiple honors for his efforts as an actor and film producer. On September 14, 1947, he was born in Northern Ireland but spent his childhood in Dunedin, New Zealand.

As Marko Ramius in the 1985 cult film ‘The Hunt for Red October,’ Neill first emerged. Since then, he has wowed audiences in other blockbuster films, including ‘Jurassic Park’ (1993), ‘Daylight’ (1996), and ‘And Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ (2018).

Besides his acting career, Neill is well-known for his philanthropic and environmental work, particularly in the Queenstown area near his home and internationally with The Nature Conservancy. He is an outspoken critic of climate change and an advocate for greener policies on a global scale.

Neill is the father of two children, Elena (1990) and Timothy (1992), with his ex-wife and fellow actress Lisa Harrow, whom he wed and then divorced. He and his companion Noriko Watanabe have a calm life away from the spotlight at their New Zealand home.


Priscilla Beatrice Neill entered the world on September 14, 1947, in Omagh, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. Percival “Percy” Neill, his great-grandfather, joined a mercantile enterprise out of Belfast, Ireland, and moved the family to Melbourne. After those four years, in 1863, he finally uprooted and made his home in Dunedin, New Zealand. He was the offspring of a French wine importer.

He majored in English Literature at the University of Canterbury. Sam Neill was first exposed to the performing world during his college years. After finishing his first year at Victoria College in Wellington, he transferred to the University of Victoria to pursue a BA in English Literature. Please keep checking back with us for further information.