7 Mind-Blowing Facts About Rising Star Sydney Sweeney You Never Knew!


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Sydney Sweeney fixes up vintage cars, like changing the transmission and brakes on her 1969 Bronco

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Sweeney didn't want to date other entertainers so she could have a normal life. She recently got engaged to Jonathan Davino

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She broke her toe when her Euphoria co-star Alexa Demie accidentally stepped on it.

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Sweeney writes 100-page journals about each character’s backstory to get into the role

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She’s very athletic - skiing, MMA fighting, golfing, rock climbing. She had the same MMA sensei as Ronda Rousey

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She is friends with Halsey

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Sweeney made the Dean’s List in college while filming The Handmaid’s Tale but didn’t get credit for one class

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