Khloé Kardashian Turns Up The Heat In A Teeny Weeny Bikini In The Snow


Image Credits: Pinterest

Image Credits: Pinterest


Khloé Kardashian shared images of herself wearing a tiny Gucci bikini and a large faux-fur coat, channeling the "mob wife" style trend

Image Credits: Pinterest


She posed against a snowy backdrop while on a ski trip in Aspen, pairing her bikini and fur coat with snow boots.

Image Credits: Pinterest


Khloé topped her look off with a big black fluffy hat, and long blonde hair.

Image Credits: Pinterest


The "mob wife" style pays homage to glamorous fictional wives of mobsters, often seen in furs, shades, animal prints, silks, and gold jewelry

Image Credits: Pinterest


Even in freezing temperatures, Khloé manages to pull off a standout look

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