Tomica Woods Wright Gill is an American businesswoman and ex-wife of Larry Elder, a popular radio talk show host. Even though Tomica came into the limelight following her marriage with Larry, she has successfully created her identity as an entrepreneur over the years. As per reports, Tomica Woods Wright net worth is estimated to be around $5 million as of 2023.

Early Life and Background

Not much information about Tomica’s early life, parents, or siblings is available. She is believed to have spent her childhood in academics and extracurricular activities. Tomica completed her graduation in Business Management from a reputed university in California. Even from a young age, she portrayed the qualities of a strong, independent woman.

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The Initial Days with Larry Elder 

Tomica first met Larry in the 1990s through a mutual friend. After dating for a few years, the couple tied the knot in 2005. Larry Elder was already an established radio talk show host and lawyer then. Tomica extended full support to Larry to grow his media presence and audience base. 


Within the first few years of marriage, cracks started developing in their relationship. Larry was dedicated to his work and spent long hours at the studio, while Tomica felt neglected at home. However, they tried to resolve their differences for the next few years.

Focusing on Her Independent Ventures

Tomica realized she needed an independent career rather than live under her husband’s shadow. She forayed into the business world by starting a company focused on merchant credit card processing services. The company was quite successful, and Tomica’s net worth grew steadily.

Her entrepreneurial skill set, business acumen, and strong decision-making abilities came to the forefront while she managed her company. Over time, she expanded to other ventures like real estate and production services. Tomica had certainly carved a place for herself in the business world.

The Bitter Separation 

Larry’s hectic schedule and absence from home life ultimately affected the couple’s relationship. After years of turbulence, Tomica filed for divorce from Larry in 2011. This resulted in heated court battles for custody of their son.

The divorce proceedings brought to light disturbing details of domestic abuse and extramarital affairs. Tomica accused Larry of several incidents of physical abuse during their marriage. She also claimed that Larry had concealed his income and assets worth millions of dollars while filing for divorce.

On the other hand, Larry denied all accusations and painted Tomica as the aggressor in the relationship. However, medical reports and witness accounts proved that Tomica had endured both physical and emotional abuse from Larry over the years. After a prolonged legal tussle, the former couple parted ways in 2015. Tomica was granted primary custody of their son.

Life after Divorce

After the stressful divorce, Tomica focused her time and energy on raising her son and managing her business ventures. Her production services company continued to grow with a diverse clientele from the entertainment industry. 

On the personal front, Tomica maintained distance from the media glare. Not much is known about her dating life post-divorce, unlike Larry who was romantically linked to several women. As per some reports, Tomica was in a long-term relationship with an American businessman a few years ago. But she prefers to keep her personal life away from the limelight.

Birth DateDecember 07, 1969
Birth nameTomica Woods Wright
ProfessionBusinesswoman, CEO
Height5’4″ (1.62m)
ChildrenDaijah Wright, Dominick Wright
BirthplaceLos Angeles, California, USA

Larry Elder’s Governor Run 

In 2021, when Larry Elder announced his candidature for the Governor of California in the recall election, old wounds between the former couple seemed to resurface. Tomica accused Larry of domestic violence yet again as his political ambitions grew. 

Tomica Woods Wright Net Worth

But Tomica maintained a dignified silence when Larry lost the recall election by a huge margin. She continues to refrain from commenting on her ex-husband’s political aspirations. Tomica remains focused on her business growth and spending quality time with loved ones away from media attention.

Tomica Woods Wright Net Worth

From a struggling entrepreneur to a successful businesswoman, Tomica Woods Wright Gill’s net worth is estimated at around $5 million as of 2023. While gaining financial stability after marrying Larry, Tomica ensured that she charted her identity in the business world.

She has built a small merchant services company into a multi-million dollar enterprise through her sharp business acumen and strategic decisions. Her production services company also has a long list of reputed clientele.

In addition, Tomica owns several residential and commercial properties across California. Having endured a difficult divorce and custody battle with Larry, she has secured the financial future of herself and her son. Now in her early fifties, Tomica seems content as an independent, financially stable single mother.

Unknown Facts about Tomica Woods Wright

Here are some lesser-known facts about Tomica Wright:

  • She was an academically bright student during her college days and graduated with honors.
  • Tomica sponsored her college education through scholarships and part-time jobs. A single mother raised her.
  • She is actively involved with a non-profit organization supporting victims of domestic violence.
  • Tomica is an avid adventure sports enthusiast who loves bungee jumping, river rafting, and more.
  • She practices meditation yoga, eats healthy, and leads an active lifestyle despite her busy schedule.
  • Tomica is quite spiritual and visits places of religious significance whenever she travels abroad for business.
  • Other than business, she is passionate about music and literature. She even funded an independent music album years ago.  

As evident, Tomica Woods Wright has always followed the road less trodden in every aspect of her life. Though subjected to trauma during her marriage with Larry, she emerged stronger with time. Tomica continues to champion women’s empowerment while leading a life on her terms, away from the glare of the media.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Tomica Woods Wright?

Tomica Woods Wright is an American entrepreneur and former wife of radio talk show host Larry Elder. She came into the spotlight following her high-profile marriage and divorce from Larry Elder. Over the years, Tomica has established herself as a successful businesswoman in the merchant services and production industry.

2. Who are Tomica Woods Wright’s children? 

Tomica Woods Wright has one child, a son named Larry Elder Jr., from her marriage to Larry Elder. Tomica was granted primary custody of their son after a prolonged legal battle during their divorce. She maintains a dignified silence regarding her son and keeps him away from media attention.

3. What is Tomica Woods Wright’s age?

Tomica Woods Wright is believed to be in her early fifties currently. While her exact date of birth is unknown, reports estimate Tomica Woods Wright’s age to be between 50 and 55 as of 2023.

4. What is Tomica Woods Wright’s height?  

Tomica Woods Wright height is estimated to be around 5 feet 7 inches, as per reports. She maintains an athletic, toned frame through regular exercise and a healthy diet.

5. Does Tomica Woods have aids?

No, there have been no credible reports to indicate Tomica Wright suffers from AIDS (Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome). This rumor started swirling on social media platforms when unconfirmed reports about her health issues emerged during her court cases. Tomica has neither confirmed nor denied anything related to such speculations about her medical condition.