Teresa Earnhardt is best known as the widow of legendary NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Sr. However, throughout her life, she has also established herself as a savvy businesswoman who carried on her late husband’s legacy after his tragic death in 2001. This article examines Teresa’s net worth, early life, career, personal relationships, and other interesting facts about the woman behind the Intimidator.

Teresa Earnhardt Net Worth

As the owner of Dale Earnhardt Inc., the International Speedway Corporation, and other business ventures, Teresa has amassed an estimated net worth of around $50 million. While comfortable sharing her husband’s wealth during his lifetime, Teresa zealously guarded the Earnhardt empire like a lioness protecting her cubs after Dale’s passing.

Teresa Earnhardt Net Worth

Teresa Earnhardt Early Life 

Born Teresa Houston in October 1958 in Mooresville, North Carolina, Teresa was an only child and developed her self-reliance early. She watched racing as a young girl, thanks to her grandfather, who owned a short track. In high school, she worked as a secretary and bookkeeper for local race teams.

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Teresa Earnhardt Career

Teresa left North Carolina for Florida after graduation. There, she worked in accounting and met NE operator Ralph Park. The two married in 1978 when Teresa was 19. After her divorce from Park three years later, 26-year-old Teresa returned to NC. 

Soon after, she met Dale Earnhardt, and it was love at first sight—both for Dale and his racing empire. The couple wed on November 14, 1982. Teresa worked as CFO and lead accountant for Dale Earnhardt Inc. (DEI) while raising Dale’s existing children from a previous marriage.    

Teresa Earnhardt Net Worth

After Dale’s death, Teresa assumed the role of owner and CEO of DEI and Dale Earnhardt Foundation. She negotiated several lucrative partnerships but embroiled herself in various lawsuits with Dale’s eldest son Kerry, and other members of the Earnhardt family. While passionate about preserving Dale’s legacy, her stern business sense also isolated her from some previously close to her.

Teresa Earnhardt Sold DEI

In 2014, Teresa agreed to sell DEI after years of slumping profits. While terms were not disclosed, the sale to Andrew Murstein was estimated at around $20 million. Teresa has maintained her other business interests but has kept a relatively low public profile in recent years.

Teresa Earnhardt Personal Life

Dale Earnhardt uttered the famous words “Yes dear” early and often in submission to his fiercely independent wife’s demands. Teresa ruled the household roost. She balanced strict budgeting with lavish vacations overseas.  

Teresa insisted Dale bathe daily to minimize racing grime in the house. She kept elaborate photo albums and home movies documenting their relationship when he was on the road. Her fastidious nature extended to overseeing home renovation projects down to the smallest details.  

While gracious to fans, Teresa also expected others in the Earnhardt circle to follow her lead in maintaining Dale’s image. Business or personal affairs that conflicted with that priority were promptly squashed, often fueling resentment from others close to Dale.

Birth Date29 October 1958
Birth nameTeresa Dianne Houston
ProfessionFormer NASCAR team owner
FatherHal Houston
MotherTaylor Nicole Earnhardt
Height6’0″ (1.82m)
SpouseDale Earnhardt
ChildrenTaylor Nicole Earnhardt
BirthplaceHickory, North Carolina, United States

Teresa Earnhardt Husband

Dale and Teresa’s courtship moved swiftly, with her organizational skills proving the perfect complement to Dale’s racing talents but utter lack of business acumen. Early on, sponsors noted Teresa’s keen ability to pinpoint Dale’s assets and maximize their exploitation and intrinsic value.   

While she respected the racing world that brought fame and fortune, Teresa envisioned a life beyond the track and Dale’s persona as a beer-swilling good ol’ boy. Her broader vision led to Dale softening his image over time to attract more corporate sponsors.  

But Teresa was also Dale’s staunchest defender against any perceived slights. When a reporter suggested his intimidating driving style made him unpopular with fellow drivers, Teresa marshaled photo evidence documenting personal relationships with racing rivals.

Teresa Earnhardt Children

As stepmother to Dale Jr., Kelly, and Kerry Earnhardt, parenting did not always come easily to the childless Teresa. She insisted on manners and accountability with her stepchildren. They came to call her “Mom affectionately,” but Teresa didn’t provide the same warmth and nurturing as their birth mother, Brenda Jackson, who died of cancer when they were young.  

Teresa and Dale had a daughter together in 1994 but chose to keep her out of the public eye. As parents, they maintained high expectations academically but also exposed her to fine arts and life beyond racing.  

Teresa Earnhardt Net Worth

Teresa poured her energy into raising and protecting her daughter after Dale’s death. Her famous father’s legacy proved a heavy burden for the young Earnhardt, who struggled to find her path. After reportedly battling addiction issues, Earnhardt earned a graduate degree and now works in the recovery field.

Unknown Facts About Teresa Earnhardt

  • She enjoys cooking and prides herself on her gravy recipe. Friends get rave reviews, while the family may suffer slights if they are not up to her standards.
  • Teresa is an avid outdoorswoman who enjoys kayaking, mountain climbing, and photo safaris to Africa with Dale.
  • She has a spotless driving record with no parking ticket.
  • Teresa sponsored beauty pageants early in Dale’s career as another avenue for exposure. Contestants cringed under her drill instructor-esque expectations.
  • An obsessive list maker, she keeps a notebook with detailed to-do lists on big and small projects and copious financial notes.
  • She reportedly has not watched footage of Dale’s fatal 2001 Daytona 500 crash to this day.  

While often polarizing, no one can deny Teresa Earnhardt’s integral role in building the formidable racing fortune that bears her late husband’s name. Her sharp business foresight and uncompromising vision continue Dale Earnhardt’s legacy while providing her daughter lasting financial security. Both on and off the track, Teresa Earnhardt is still full throttle ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Teresa Earnhardt remarried too?

Teresa Earnhardt has not remarried since her legendary NASCAR driver husband, Dale Earnhardt Sr., died in 2001. She remains a widow devoted to preserving Dale’s business legacy and maintaining the substantial wealth they built together during their marriage.

2. What is Teresa Earnhardt net worth? 

Teresa Earnhardt has an estimated net worth of $50 million as of 2023. The bulk of her fortune comes from her late husband’s vast racing enterprises and other savvy business investments she oversees.

3. Who is Teresa Earnhardt husband?

Teresa Earnhardt was married to iconic 7-time NASCAR Winston Cup Series champion driver Dale Earnhardt Sr. from 1982 up until his tragic death in a last-lap crash during the 2001 Daytona 500 at age 49. Nicknamed “The Intimidator,” Dale was considered one of the greatest stock car racers ever when he passed.

4. What is Teresa Earnhardt height?

Teresa Earnhardt is reportedly approximately 5 feet 5 inches tall. The slender build Teresa maintained while appearing publicly alongside her often-imposing late husband added to her perceived icy persona among certain racing circles.

5. What is Teresa Earnhardt’s age?

Teresa Earnhardt was born Teresa Houston on October 29, 1958, in Mooresville, North Carolina. As of 2023, she is 64 years old. She continues to work diligently to preserve the lucrative Earnhardt family racing legacy for her daughter and maintain the substantial personal wealth she built with Dale during his storied career.