Steven Crowder is a conservative Canadian-American political commentator, podcast host, comedian, and former Fox News contributor. He is most well-known for hosting the massively popular conservative late-night talk show “Louder with Crowder,” which has been aired on his YouTube channel since 2017.

With over 5 million subscribers tuning in for his unfiltered comedic hot takes on today’s most divisive issues, Steven Crowder has garnered fame and fortune. As of 2023, Steven Crowder’s net worth is estimated at $4 million.

Steven Crowder’s Early Life and Career Beginnings  

Born in Michigan in 1987 at the tail end of the Reagan era, which later informed his politics, Steven Crowder pursued acting and comedy from a young age in a predominantly conservative Christian household.  

He landed small roles across TV shows like The Late Late Show and Gilmore Girls before getting regular spots providing comedic relief on Fox News programs like Red Eye and Hannity between 2009-2012. 

This initial exposure on cable news and viral YouTube videos for his occasionally offensive characters is where Crowder first tapped into an audience eager for irreverent right-wing humor.

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Launching Louder with Crowder 

By aligning with fringe conservative digital media outlet TheBlaze, Crowder launched an unfiltered podcast called “Louder with Crowder” in 2013, covering politics and culture with witty banter.

It slowly built a substantial listenership of over 200 episodes before amicably splitting from TheBlaze to take complete ownership of its creation in 2017. Revamped as a weekly YouTube talk show often featuring fellow comedian Dave Landau, Louder with Crowder soon rocketed in subscribers. 

Signature humor segments like “Socialism Sucks” or “The Most Racist Game Show Ever” resonated with viewers despite advertisers shying away from his divisive rhetoric. At its peak popularity in 2021, Crowder’s channel boasted over 6 million followers and 500+ episodes, cementing himself as an influential figure amongst new media conservatives.

Steven Crowder Ongoing Success and Controversies   

While deemed “hate speech” by critics, Steven Crowder continues cultivating a diehard audience amongst Gen Z and millennial conservatives who find mainstream punditry dishonest or dull.  

He earns ample income from monetizing YouTube, merchandise sales, and fan donations to fund Louder with Crowder episodes free of network oversight. However, this independent success has not come without turbulence and demons impacting his health.   

In 2021, Crowder faced a pulmonary embolism and was hospitalized, causing show hiatuses. During recovery, he also admitted to past opioid addiction stemming from a severe back injury, going to rehab in 2015. 

Today, with a cleaner bill of health, though, Crowder forges ahead with trademark swagger, tackling taboos both political and personal that keep views and revenue flowing consistently.

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Steven Crowder Net Worth Breakdown  

While exact figures are undisclosed, Steven Crowder’s multi-million dollar net worth predominantly stems from:

  • YouTube Advertising: His flagship channel generates millions per year in ad revenue, giving impressive and consistent viewership. Even discounted for controversies scaring brands, this remains his chief income.
  • Subscriptions: Crowder launched “Mug Club” membership at different tier levels for exclusive perks, uncensored access, and discounts easily clearing over $50k monthly.  
  • Merchandise: Constantly plugging new limited edition t-shirts, mugs, and other novelties targeting his conservative “Louder with Crowder” fanbase surely drives seven figures in annual sales. 
  • Affiliate Income and Donations: Many videos feature promo links and calls-to-action for donations that contribute steady six-figure income to pad his wealth.

Given his loyal audience cultivated that many outlets cannot rival, Steven Crowder should have no trouble maintaining a healthy eight-figure net worth even without chasing mainstream fame and financing.

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Lesser Known Crowder Facts

While his firebrand on-screen politics persona has made Steven Crowder a notorious figure on YouTube, here are some little-known personal tidbits about the commentator:

  • Crowder is an evangelical Christian who, ironically, does not drink alcohol ever since getting sober after past substance abuse issues.
  • He invested profits scaling up a YouTube creator studio he named “Coldfury Studios” in Texas to produce shows like Louder with Crowder at a high level.
  • An avid dog lover, he shares many pictures with his cute rescue pup “Poppy” across social media when not creating polarizing political content.
  • Crowder is distantly related to iconic actress and comedian Lucy Ricardo from I Love Lucy fame, which he credits for inspiring his performance talents.
  • Early in his career, he landed small acting roles on short-lived cult favorite series Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide and Aaron Sorkin’s Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.
  • Crowder married Hilary Crowder in August 2012, who stays thoroughly out of the spotlight but often helps secretly film his abrasive YouTube videos.
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While a fighter both literally and figuratively who thrives on controversy, many are unaware of Steven Crowder’s non-combative interests, reflecting a more calm and creative side when the camera stops rolling.

In an era of dying conventional media dominance, Steven Crowder tapped into Americans’ distrust to carve his thriving lane as an influencer unafraid to voice blunt opinions on political divides from socialism to cancel culture. 

Crowder compensates for his lack of production polish in resonance with everyday right-leaning viewers. This grassroots success funnels straight back to elevating his finances and stability.  

With creative control over his brand and multi-channel income sources tied to a growing movement, Steven Crowder’s net worth seems positioned to keep expanding as long as that defiant attitude does.


What is Steven Crowder’s age in 2024?

As of 2024, conservative commentator Steven Crowder is 36 years old. He was born on July 7, 1987, in Michigan.

Who is Steven Crowder as of 2024?

In 2024, Steven Crowder remains the host of the massively popular comedic YouTube political talk show “Louder with Crowder,” streaming on his channel with over 5 million followers.

What video with Steven Crowder’s wife will go viral in 2024?

No videos with Crowder’s wife have gone viral recently. He keeps his marriage very private, and his wife rarely appears publicly.

Will Steven Crowder and his wife divorce in 2024? 

No. As of 2024, Crowder has never announced or filed for any divorce from his wife, Hilary, whom he married in 2012. They reside together out of the limelight.

Is Steven Crowder switching to Rumble in 2024?

Crowder still uploads all his videos exclusively to his highly monetized YouTube channel as of 2024. Despite complaints about YouTube, he has not made any moves to leave it for Rumble yet.

Is Steven Crowder gay or bisexual in 2024? 

No, Crowder has never identified himself as anything but straight. He fiercely criticizes suggestions otherwise. The married Christian commentator does not discuss his sexuality much on air.

Does Steven Crowder work for Daily Wire in 2024?

No. Steven Crowder and his show Louder with Crowder are independent entities without affiliation to Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire outlet.

What is Steven Crowder’s primary YouTube channel?

The channel where Steven Crowder uploads his show clips is his verified “Steven Crowder” channel, which has over 5 million subscribers as of 2024.