Rowdy Robertson has built an impressive net worth as an entrepreneur, outdoorsman, hunter, and social media influencer. He is best known as the adopted son of legendary duck hunter Phil Robertson of the A&E reality series “Duck Dynasty.” Rowdy has leveraged his fame into lucrative business ventures and endorsements. As of 2023, Rowdy Robertson’s net worth stands at an estimated $15 million.

Rowdy Robertson’s Early Life

Rowdy Robertson was born to unknown parents in Anchorage, Alaska, on May 20th, 1984. With his mother unable to care for him, Rowdy spent the first few years of his life in foster care. At age 5, he was adopted by Willie and Korie Robertson, who are known for their family duck call business featured on Duck Dynasty.

Growing up, Rowdy loved the outdoors and would go hunting and fishing with his adopted dad, Willie. He also became interested in rodeo sports like calf roping, team roping, and steer wrestling. Rowdy won California High School Association events and trained at Carr Rodeo Academy. After graduating high school, he continued to compete professionally on the rodeo circuit for several years.

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Rowdy Robertson Television Fame on Duck Dynasty

In 2012, the Robertson family launched their hit reality series Duck Dynasty on A&E, chronicling their family duck call business Duck Commander. Rowdy appeared regularly on the show as Willie’s adopted son, where audiences could see his country lifestyle and passion for hunting and rodeo. 

Being part of the central cast, Rowdy’s popularity rose tremendously for the 11 seasons Duck Dynasty was on air till 2017. At the show’s peak popularity between 2013-2014, each main cast member earned around $200,000 per episode. This significantly contributed to Rowdy’s current millionaire status.

Rowdy Robertson Other Media & Merch Ventures

Aside from Duck Dynasty’s salary, Rowdy has earned big paydays from other media and merchandise sources. He published an autobiography titled “The Road to Rowdy: Insight into My Life and Faith” in 2016, discussing his early hardships and adoption story. Rowdy also launched a podcast called “UNashamed” with his wife, Rebecca Robertson, where they share inspiring stories of faith.

Rowdy has endorsement deals with brands like Field & Stream hunting/outdoors equipment and promotion work through his social media channels. He sells Duck Dynasty-inspired merchandise like t-shirts, caps, and other apparel via his online store,

In 2022, Rowdy starred in his own A&E spinoff series, “Rowdy’s Places,” exploring fascinating locations related to American history and faith nationwide. Continued reality TV opportunities will further grow his wealth.

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Rowdy Robertson Real Estate Investments

A chunk of Rowdy’s assets is derived from investments in real estate around his Louisiana residence. In 2019, he bought a beautiful 5-bedroom mansion on a 10-acre property outside West Monroe for $765,000. The scenic home features a saltwater pool, outdoor kitchen, and pond views.


Rowdy also owns a few commercial rental properties in Louisiana that provide steady monthly income and long-term equity profits.

Personal Life & Relationships  

Rowdy married his long-time girlfriend Rebecca Robertson in June 2019 in a countryside wedding held at the Robertsons’ famous estate. Rebecca is the foster daughter of close Duck Dynasty friends John Howard and Lisa Robertson, who have also appeared on the show. The couple frequently share heartwarming pictures from their cozy family life on Instagram.

Professionally, Rebecca works as a model lifestyle blogger and co-hosts the UNashamed podcast with Rowdy. They have five pets together – three dogs named Haze, Arrow, and Stella, along with two horses named Hickory and Doc.  

Rowdy maintains close relationships with all his adoptive family from the show, including dad Willie, mom Korie, and well-known uncle Si Robertson. He is also the CEO of the veteran-centric non-profit organization Help The Vets.

Birth DateOctober 10, 1969
FatherWillie Robertson
MotherKorie Robertson
Height6 feet 4 inches
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Rowdy Robertson Net Worth Milestones

As the adopted son of Duck Dynasty patriarch Willie Robertson, Rowdy Robertson grew up around the family duck call business but forged his path to amass an impressive $15 million net worth. After getting kicked out of school as a rebellious teen, Rowdy has reinvented himself as a CEO, podcast host, and author.

Rowdy earned around $2 million from his 11-season run on Duck Dynasty. As one of the show’s breakout stars, he further bolstered his bank account with over $500,000 in merchandise sales from his RowdyLife store. Lucrative endorsement and sponsorship deals with major brands like Realtree Outdoors and Ford Trucks have netted Rowdy over $1 million.

In 2019, he shelled nearly $800,000 to buy a sprawling Louisiana mansion. He continues to earn a six-figure income from his popular UNashamed podcast, which he launched in 2018. On top of that, Rowdy scored a financial windfall from his 2016 best-selling autobiography, “The Road to Rowdy.”

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From uncertainty in foster care to fame and fortune, Rowdy Robertson is an inspirational example of perseverance. Alongside running diverse entrepreneurial ventures, he stays rooted in the outdoors lifestyle. Rowdy’s net worth is expected to grow with his charming adopted family and reality TV presence. Though just 38 years old, he has already carved quite an extraordinary path for himself.


What is Rowdy Robertson’s current age?  

Rowdy Robertson is 38 years old as of 2023. He was born on May 20, 1984.

Who is Rowdy Robertson?

Rowdy Robertson is a reality TV personality best known as Willie Robertson’s adopted son on the hit series Duck Dynasty. He is also an entrepreneur, hunter, outdoorsman, and social media influencer.

Does Rowdy Robertson have any medical conditions?

There are no public reports of Rowdy having any significant medical conditions. He maintains an active lifestyle between hunting, business ventures, podcasting, and TV work.

Is Rowdy Robertson still alive?

Yes, Rowdy Robertson is alive and well. He continues working on reality television and runs various companies selling merchandise, promoting brands online, and investing in real estate around his Louisiana residence.

How was Rowdy involved with the Duck Dynasty? 

Rowdy was a main cast member of Duck Dynasty from its first season in 2012 to the series finale in 2017. He appeared alongside his adopted parents, Willie and Korie Robertson, as their son.

Does Rowdy Robertson have an obituary? 

No. Since Rowdy is alive and in good health, there is no obituary for him as yet. His adopted parents, Willie and Korie, and their family still frequently feature updates on his latest projects across social media.

Is Rowdy Robertson homosexual?

No confirmation exists on Rowdy’s sexual orientation. However, he has been married to wife Rebecca Robertson, since 2019, which suggests he is most likely heterosexual.

Has an autopsy ever been performed on Rowdy Robertson?

No, with Rowdy alive and well, there has never been any need to perform an autopsy. Autopsies are only carried out in cases of suspicious or unnatural deaths, which does not apply presently.