Melika Payne is a woman who has captured public attention due to her connections to fame and her role as a mother. As the parent of rising movie actor and director Landon Brown, she holds a special place in her son’s life. Additionally, she had a noteworthy relationship with R&B singer Bobby Brown in the 1980s.

Before marrying charismatic actor Carl Anthony Payne II, she was known as Melika Williams. In this piece, we explore the fascinating journey of Melika Payne, examining her past relationships, her marriage to Carl Anthony Payne, her role as a mother, and more. Join us as we uncover the multi-layered life of this interesting woman.

Melika Payne’s Early Life

melika payen early life
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Melika Payne was born in Los Angeles, California on April 10, 1969. In 2023, she is 54-years-old. She also goes by the names Melika Michem Payne and Melika Michem Williams. Melika takes pride in her African-American heritage and holds U.S. citizenship by birthright. However, details remain scarce regarding her educational background and alma mater.

Melika Payne’s Net Worth

While Melika Payne’s net worth remains undisclosed, sources estimate it falls within the million-dollar range. This wealth primarily originates from her husband’s acting success rather than her career pursuits. As Carl Anthony Payne II boasts an approximate net worth of $1 million from his television roles, it stands to reason that Melika shares in these earnings as his wife. While she maintains a low profile personally, her ties to prominence ensure financial security.

Melika Payne Career  

Professionally, Melika Payne worked in sales-oriented jobs, excelling in providing top-notch service and pleasing customers. Despite guarding her private life closely today, reports indicate she enjoyed an accomplished career with lengthy tenures at companies like BenefitMall and Health Net Inc. She held critical positions that allowed her to thrive. While further details remain scarce, she made her mark in the corporate sphere before shifting priorities.

melika payne early life
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Melika Payne’s Personal Life

Her high-profile relationships and role have defined Melika Payne’s personal life as a mother. From her past romance with Bobby Brown to her enduring marriage to Carl Anthony Payne, she has weathered storms and found contentment. With her son Landon’s success in entertainment and her career highlights, Melika’s multi-layered life continues to inspire.

Birth DateApril 10, 1969
NameMelika Michem Williams
BirthplaceLos Angeles, California, U.S.A.
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Melika Payne and Bobby Brown

In her teens, Melika first made headlines for her relationship with R&B sensation Bobby Brown in the mid-1980s. The romance resulted in Melika giving birth to their son, Landon, in 1986 at just 17 years old. However, the young relationship continued for two years despite welcoming a child. Even after parting, the ex-lovers maintained a cordial friendship. Melika took Landon’s primary custody while Bobby remained an active father figure in his life.


Melika Payne and Carl Anthony Payne  

Melika’s path intersected with actor Carl Anthony Payne II on the set of the hit sitcom Martin in 1992. Romantic sparks gave way to an emotional connection between the two. By December of that year, Melika and Carl had tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony surrounded by loved ones.

Carl is best known as a professional actor for his roles on classic sitcoms like Martin and The Cosby Show. After their wedding, he lovingly embraced the role of stepfather to Melika’s son, Landon, who was just 5 years old. Ironically, the same year saw Landon’s father, Bobby, enter marriage with music icon Whitney Houston.  

Over the decades, Melika and Carl’s marriage has faced its share of obstacles. In 2012, Melika filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences and seeking sole custody of their sons, Carl Jr. and Malek, together. Speculation swirled that Carl’s burgeoning acting success strained their relationship. However, Melika changed her heart and withdrew her divorce petition shortly after.

This allowed the couple to work through tensions and salvage their bond. Carl channeled his experiences into stand-up comedy in the aftermath, highlighting how humor and playfulness can heal hurting relationships. Today, the husband and wife remain happily committed after 30 years.

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Melika Payne’s Son, Landon Brown

As Melika’s first-born child, Landon carries on the creative talents of his musical father, Bobby Brown. Beyond singing and songwriting, Landon has also broken into acting with film roles in The Nightmare Pill and appearances on the reality competition Rock the Cradle. Driven to explore multiple facets of entertainment, his dedication to the arts inspires pride in his mother, Melika. She maintains a special bond and offers endless support to Landon as he navigates fame.

Melika Payne’s Other Children  

In addition to her famous son Landon Brown, Melika Payne shares two sons with their husband, Carl Anthony – Carl Payne Jr. and Malek Payne. Following in his actor father’s path, Malek recently starred alongside his dad in the impactful film Misguided Behavior, which examines bullying culture in high schools. Like Landon, Malek inherits strong creative leanings from both sides of his family lineage.

Unknown Facts About Melika Payne 

Behind her familiar face, intriguing details lie buried in Melika Payne’s story, waiting to be uncovered. While she shies away from the spotlight her ex and husband often occupy, she is the foundation supporting their professional success. Additional unknown facts that grant further insight into Melika Payne include:

  • She was born Melika Michem Williams and did not adopt the Payne surname until marrying Carl in 1992. Previously, she went by Melika Williams in her youth.
  • Alongside her acting husband, Melika has also dipped her toes into entertainment – directing music videos and occasionally producing short films.
  • Melika cites open communication, quality time together, and mutual understanding as keys that have kept her 30+ year marriage thriving through ups and downs.
  • She maintains an ultra-private personal Instagram account boasting just 41 followers. Preserving intimacy remains a priority for her.
  • Melika has taken up cycling around her Los Angeles neighborhood, embracing fitness to nurture longevity and health. She models this priority for her family.
  • She resides in the Northridge area of LA to remain close to her sons as they develop their skills in acting and music.
  • In 2021, her first-born Landon paid tribute to Melika in an Instagram post, writing, “My love for you is endless” – highlighting their tight bond.

The Bottom Line

Melika Payne represents a woman who found herself in the spotlight through the fame of those around her, such as Bobby Brown and Carl Anthony Payne II. But she has also made her impact through motherhood and building a decades-long marriage. Balancing these different roles, her multifaceted life is an inspiration due to her perseverance and grace out of the public eye. In learning Melika Payne’s full story, we uncover the strength carried in a woman standing resiliently at the intersection of fame, family, and dedication to growth.


What is Melika Payne’s age?

Melika Payne is currently 54 years old. She was born Melika Michem Williams on April 10th, 1969, in Los Angeles, California. So, she will be turning 55 later this year.

Who is Melika Payne married to?

Melika Payne is married to actor Carl Anthony Payne II. The two met in 1992 on the set of the popular sitcom Martin. They dated, fell in love, and married later that same year in a beautiful December ceremony surrounded by loved ones.

What is the relationship between Melika Payne and Bobby Brown?

Melika Payne is married to actor Carl Anthony Payne II. The two met in 1992 on the set of the popular sitcom Martin. They dated, fell in love, and married later that same year in a beautiful December ceremony surrounded by loved ones.

Who is Melika Payne son?

Melika Payne has three sons – Landon, Carl Jr., and Malek. Her eldest, Landon Brown, is now 38 years old and making his way with a budding career as a singer, songwriter, and actor. Carl Jr. and Malek are Melika’s sons with husband Carl Payne II.

What is Melika Payne’s height?

While Melika Payne’s exact height details are not publicly available, based on sightings and photos with her family, experts estimate Melika stands around 5 feet 3 inches tall at a healthy feminine weight. Her son Landon seems to take more after his tall father, Bobby Brown in stature.