Kliff Kingsbury has made a name for himself in the NFL as the head coach who brings an analytical, tech-centric approach to coaching football. Though known for his football strategy today, Kingsbury took an unconventional path to becoming an NFL coach. His varied background and embrace of new technologies have brought success and criticism over his coaching career. 

So how did Kingsbury rise to be the leader of the Arizona Cardinals with a $5.5 million salary after starting as a quarterback himself? Let’s look at Kingsbury’s background to determine where his estimated net worth of $15 million originated. Let’s know about Kliff Kingsbury Net Worth.

Kliff Kingsbury’s Early Life

Kingsbury was born in San Antonio, Texas, in 1979. His father was a Vietnam veteran, and his mother was a housemaker. Kingsbury grew up playing football, baseball, and basketball at New Braunfels High School, where his dad was the head coach. 

Kingsbury led his high school to two state championship finals as the team’s quarterback and set multiple state passing records. With over 3,800 passing yards and 49 touchdowns, major college football programs came calling.

Kliff Kingsbury College and Pro Career

Kliff chose to play college football for the Texas Tech Red Raiders under coach Spike Dykes. Though he sidelined his freshman year with an injury, Kingsbury regularly played his final three years, putting up huge numbers in the Red Raiders’ pass-heavy offense. 

He graduated with 13,000 yards passing and 95 touchdowns, which are career records at the university. Kingsbury won the Sammy Baugh Trophy in 2002 for the country’s top college passer and finished his college career with nearly 40 school records.  

Kliff Kingsbury Net Worth

Despite his impressive college stats, doubts about Kingsbury’s arm strength and size led him to be picked in the 6th round of the NFL draft by the New England Patriots. After one season and another in NFL Europe, he landed with the Denver Broncos. Kingsbury only played in one NFL game, throwing just 10 passes across his pro career.

So, with his playing days over in 2005, Kingsbury began his coaching ascent at his alma mater, starting as a quality control coach under his old coach, Mike Leach.

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Kliff Kingsbury Coaching Career

In 2006, Kingsbury became the youngest offensive coordinator in college football at the University of Houston at just 28 years old. His quick climb up the coaching ranks continued over the next few years via stops at Texas A&M and finally back to Texas Tech:

  • 2006: Offensive Coordinator, University of Houston
  • 2010: Offensive Coordinator, Texas A&M
  • 2012: Offensive Coordinator, Texas Tech
  • 2013: Head Coach, Texas Tech 

At age 34, Kingsbury was hired as the head coach of the Texas Tech Red Raiders. With his dynamic passing offense and youthful style, he brought initial excitement to the program, even being dubbed “The Bachelor Coach” by some in the media.

Over six seasons at Texas Tech, Kingsbury’s teams were consistently prolific throwing the football, leading Division 1 passing year after year behind quarterbacks like Patrick Mahomes and Baker Mayfield. But defensive struggles led to losing seasons and Kingsbury was fired after finishing with a 35–40 overall record.

Kliff Kingsbury Net Worth

Ready for new challenges, Kingsbury was hired in 2019 as the head coach of the Arizona Cardinals with a 4-year, $22 million contract. Paired with rookie quarterback Kyler Murray, the #1 draft pick that year, Kingsbury adapted his passing system to the pro level. 

The Cardinal’s offense exploded in productivity and by 2021, the team had secured a playoff spot thanks to an 11-6 record. The turnaround under Kingsbury was widely praised, as his salary rose in subsequent contract extensions totaling $5.5 million per year today.

With a current record of 28-31-1 over four seasons, Kingsbury’s system has proven it can succeed in the NFL. 2023 expectations are high for the Cardinals and Kingsbury to progress further into the playoffs using his analytical approach paired with talented offensive weapons.

Kliff Kingsbury Personal Life

Though intensely focused on coaching, Kingsbury makes time for hobbies and travel during the offseason at his $3 million Paradise Valley estate in Arizona. 

As a Texas native, Kingsbury enjoys spending time in San Antonio during the offseason alongside family members who still reside there. He has made donations supporting military veterans groups in the city to honor his father’s service in Vietnam.

Other hobbies Kingsbury enjoys include going to the driving range to work on his golf swing in his spare time. His record of dating famous actresses and models also regularly garners media attention.

Birth DateAugust 9, 1979
Birth nameKliff Timothy Kingsbury
ProfessionAmerican Football Coach
FatherTim Kingsbury
MotherSally Kingsbury
Height6′ 3½″ (1.92 m)
BirthplaceSan Antonio, Texas, USA

Kliff Kingsbury Wife / Girlfriend

While an NFL coach’s salary allows a very comfortable life, Kingsbury has never been married, allowing time to focus on his coaching career. He was engaged in college but called off the wedding right before it happened.

In recent years, Kingsbury has been connected with several high-profile actresses and models in the entertainment world. He has been seen on dates with stars like Demi Lovato and model Veronica Bielik. Sports blogs regularly speculate on his relationship status, given his bachelor lifestyle.

For now, Kingsbury remains focused on bringing a Lombardi trophy to the Arizona Cardinals franchise. With a solid contract paying him over $5 million annually, his estimated $15 million net worth should continue rising, given his early coaching success in the NFL.

Kliff Kingsbury Net Worth

Unknown Facts About Kliff Kingsbury

After looking at his background in coaching and playing, here are some more interesting things you may not have known about Kliff Kingsbury off the field:

  • Fluent in Spanish from time spent playing and coaching in Texas, rare for an NFL coach
  • Big car aficionado, his garage contains luxury vehicles like a Ferrari, Porsche and custom Range Rover
  • Early tech adopter, he was an early investor in the sports predictive analytics startup Modern Systems
  • Well-dressed and fashion-savvy, he was named one of the NFL’s most stylish coaches by outlets like GQ
  • He enjoys traveling the world and takes at least one big vacation trip per off-season

Kingsbury has already brought success back to the Cardinals franchise by embracing new technologies and the box approach. As one of the highest-paid coaches in the NFL, building his wealth, it will be exciting to see if he guides the team further in 2023 and beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Kliff Kingsbury wife?

Kliff Kingsbury is not married and does not have a wife. Though he was formerly engaged during his college football career, he called off the wedding before it took place. The Arizona Cardinals head coach remains proudly single as he focuses intently on his NFL coaching career.

2. Who is Kliff Kingsbury girlfriend? 

There is no publicly confirmed girlfriend for Kingsbury currently. However, he has recently been spotted on dates with celebrities like singer Demi Lovato and model Veronica Bielik. Sports blogs actively speculate on Kingsbury’s relationship status as one of the NFL’s most popular bachelor coaches.

3. What is Kliff Kingsbury’s salary?

In his current contract, which is extended through 2027, Kliff Kingsbury earns $5.5 million per year as the head coach of the Arizona Cardinals. This places him among the highest-paid coaches in the NFL, contributing significantly to his estimated $15 million net worth.

4. What is kliff kingsbury age? 

Having been hired as a head coach in the NFL at only age 39, Kingsbury is considered young compared to most coaches. He was born August 9th, 1979 in San Antonio, Texas. As of 2023, Kliff Kingsbury is currently 44 years old.  

5. How tall is Kliff Kingsbury?

Kingsbury is 6 feet 3 inches tall, likely contributing to his past success as a quarterback through high school and college. His height is above average compared to most NFL players and coaches he interacts with daily.