Jamie Siminoff is an entrepreneur best known as the inventor of the video doorbell Rings, which he pitched into stardom in a dramatic segment on the hit show ‘Shark Tank.’ Sold for over a billion dollars eventually to Amazon, Ring has made Jamie a very wealthy man with an estimated net worth of $300 million currently.  

Let’s explore Jamie’s background, early failures, persistence that led to Ring’s wild success, and details on his growing fortune.

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Jamie Siminoff’s Early Life

Born in Philadelphia on December 20, 1974, Jamie grew up in suburban New Jersey, where his father, Michael Siminoff, ran a pioneering voicemail business. Jamie inherited sharp business acumen, tinkering in ventures during high school and college.

He graduated with a Communications degree from Babson College in 1996 and pursued work initially in the medical space in sales and marketing roles, supporting his entrepreneurial goals.

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Jamie Siminoff Career Details

A natural hustler since early years, Jamie first founded a company, ‘Call Remedy’ in the call-forwarding solutions space in the mid-2000s and, despite customer traction, failed to turn it around. 

Undeterred, Jamie innovated numerous prototypes from 2008-2012 to crack the video door answering space. Almost broke, his girlfriend encouraged him to apply to Shark Tank in 2013 for investment, which got picked. Jamie received ridicule in the episode for Ring’s lofty future projections, but Kevin O’Leary eventually saw promise and partnered.

Soon after airing, Ring soared in demand, especially amidst rising security use cases, which Jamie capitalized on quickly with smart home partnerships. Sequoia Capital then invested, leading to 70K units sold per year. By 2018, when Amazon acquired Ring for a staggering $1 billion+, Jamie’s 39% equity share resulted in a ~$300 million valuation, making it a monster ‘comeback kid’ story!

Jamie Siminoff Net Worth

In 2023, Jamie Siminoff’s net worth figure is estimated at $300 million, factoring in Ring’s sale value. Key wealth components:

  • Ring Sale Proceeds & Amazon Stock Gains: ~$300 million earned
  • Investments in startups and real estate assets: $20+ million
  • Remaining equity stake in Ring under Amazon management

While already wealthy through the Ring home run, Jamie continues full-time focusing on early-stage startup investing through his venture firm ‘Laconia Ventures.’ If his golden gut for spotting future unicorns persists, expect fortune to double soon!

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Jamie Siminoff’s Personal Life

Despite crossing 40, Jamie maintains a youthful lifestyle with no signs of slowing on the career front. 

He married in the 2000s to his med school sweetheart, Izabela, but got divorced sometime after 2010. Jamie found love again with model/actress Brittany Lopez. They engaged in 2016 and reside in a $7 million Hollywood mansion with their kids.

Birth Date18 October 1976
NameJamie Siminoff
ProfessionAmerican Professional Hunter, Businessman (Duck Commander Company), and Reality Television Star
Height1.88 m
BirthplaceChester, New Jersey, U.S
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Fun Facts About Jamie Siminoff

  • I played Ultimate Frisbee competitively in my early career while juggling ventures
  • Film connoisseur to screen 1,000 different movies in spare time annually
  • Enjoy cheering on their favorite hockey team, the New Jersey Devils 
  • Big on Mexican cuisine – owns a luxury home in Cabo, Mexico, as a private getaway
  • Audited a Biomedical Engineering course at Yale out of personal interest
  • Pet Peeve – Poor customer service sets him off after years of building consumer brands
  • Has a tattoo reading ‘Disrupt’ on their forearms, representing his innovative philosophy
  • Favorite city – New York for the energy, people experience diversity
  • Close friends with Bethenny Frankel from Shark Tank


The Conclusion

In summary, Jamie Siminoff represents the ideal startup founder story – persisting through failure before unlocking global success and huge wealth with Ring’s remarkable rise. While now a smart investing mogul with a $300 million net worth, Jamie retains his fiery hustling spirit to disrupt more industries in years ahead. His journey continues, teaching that sheer passion and grit can eventually conquer the highest of peaks.


What is Jamie Siminoff’s age?

Jamie Siminoff is currently 48 years old. He was born on December 20, 1974 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Who is Jamie Siminoff? 

Jamie Siminoff is an inventor and entrepreneur who founded the home security company Ring. He is best known for pitching Ring on ABC’s Shark Tank in 2013 and selling it to Amazon for over $1 billion in 2018.

Jamie Siminoff sharktank?

Yes, Jamie Siminoff presented his video doorbell invention, Ring, on season 5, episode 11 of Shark Tank in 2013. He requested $700K for 10% equity but got ridiculed for the valuation. Kevin O’Leary eventually invested $700K for 10% equity.

Who is Jamie Siminoff’s wife?

Jamie Siminoff is married to actress and model Brittany Lopez. They started dating around 2014 after Jamie divorced his first wife, Izabela. Brittany and Jamie reside with their two kids in Hollywood Hills, California.

What is Jamie Siminoff’s ring? 

Ring is the smart doorbell camera company founded by Jamie Siminoff in 2012. Ring’s WiFi-enabled video doorbells alert homeowners about visitors and trespassers via smartphone alerts. After rejection on Shark Tank, Ring became hugely popular before getting acquired by Amazon in 2018 for $1 billion.