Cody Johnson is an American country music singer and songwriter who has risen to fame over the past decade with his authentic sound and heartfelt lyrics. Born and raised in Texas, Johnson’s music is deeply influenced by the state’s rich country traditions. With smash hits like “On My Way to You” and “With You I Am,” Johnson has become one of the most prominent voices in the Texas country scene.

Cody Johnson Net Worth

As of 2024, Cody Johnson’s net worth is estimated at around $5 million. His wealth has come from record sales, touring, and merchandise. Johnson landed his first record deal with Six String Productions in 2009 and has since released 5 studio albums. His 2017 album, Gotta Be Me, debuted at #2 on the Billboard Country Albums chart. The lead single, “On My Way to You,” went double platinum and helped increase Johnson’s net worth.

Touring has also been lucrative for Johnson. He headlines concerts across the US and performs over 200 shows per year. His concerts regularly sell out large venues like Billy Bob’s Texas in Fort Worth. Merchandise sales from items like t-shirts and hats at these shows also contribute to his growing fortune. Cody Johnson’s net worth is only expected to increase as he continues releasing music and performing.

Cody Johnson’s Early Life

Cody Daniel Johnson was born in Sebastopol, California, on May 13, 1987. However, he was raised in Carthage, Texas, from age 6. At a young age, Johnson was drawn to music, citing Lefty Frizzell, Merle Haggard, and George Strait as early influences.

In high school, Johnson competed in rodeos and played football. After graduating in 2005, he attended Sam Houston State University on a rodeo scholarship. During this time, Johnson began writing his songs and playing local venues. Realizing music was his passion, Johnson left college in 2006 to pursue a country music career.

Cody Johnson Career

After leaving college in 2006, Cody Johnson self-released his first album, Black and White Label. He sold copies of the album at his early live shows in Texas honky tonks.

Johnson’s big break came in 2009 when he landed a deal with Six String Productions in Austin. This allowed him greater distribution of his sophomore album, A Different Day. Songs like “Texas Kind of Way” increased his regional popularity.

In 2011, Johnson released his third album, Six Strings One Dream. The single “Pray for Rain” became his first Top 40 hit in Texas. This early success on the Texas music charts helped him tour extensively around the state.

Johnson’s career reached new heights with the release of Cowboy Like Me in 2014. It was his first album to break into the Billboard charts, reaching #4 on the Country Albums chart. The lead single, “Texas Like You,” became Johnson’s first song to chart nationally.

The follow-up album, Gotta Be Me, succeeded even more in 2016. It peaked at #2 on the Billboard Country Albums chart, while the single “On My Way to You” went double platinum. Johnson emerged as a major force in country music beyond just the Texas scene.

In 2018, Johnson released his first live album, Live at Billy Bob’s Texas, capturing the energy of his legendary live shows. A Limited Collector’s Edition of the album topped the Billboard Country Albums chart.

Johnson’s most recent album, Ain’t Nothing to It, was released in 2019 and features his biggest hit, “On My Way to You.” He continues to be one of the hottest rising stars in country music.

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Cody Johnson’s Personal Life

Cody Johnson keeps his personal life fairly private. However, it is known that he married his wife, Brandi, in May 2013. The couple lives just outside Austin, Texas, with their three children: a daughter named Clara and two sons, Corbin and Cade.

Johnson’s family and faith are important parts of his life. He is a devout Christian who has spoken about releasing music that aligns with his values. Outside of music, Johnson enjoys team roping, hunting, and spending time at his Texas ranch.

Overall, Johnson aims to live an ordinary life and stay grounded, preferring his wife and kids to the spotlight. He’s said that returning home after tours keeps him sane.

Birth DateMay 21, 1987
NameCody Daniel Johnson
ProfessionAmerican country music singer-songwriter
FatherCarl Johnson
MotherSheila Johnson
Height1.78 m
BirthplaceSebastopol, Texas, United States
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Cody Johnson’s Girlfriend and Wife

Cody Johnson married his long-time girlfriend Brandi Talley Johnson in May 2013. The couple dated for several years after meeting as Sam Houston State University students. After Johnson left college to pursue his music career, their relationship continued.

Brandi Johnson worked in education while supporting her husband’s budding music career in the early days. She even helped book some of Johnson’s first gigs, utilizing her marketing degree.

Cody Johnson credits his wife for keeping him level-headed over the years as his career took off. She also inspires him with love songs – Johnson wrote his hit “With You I Am” about their relationship.

The couple now have 3 children together – a daughter named Clara and two sons, Corbin and Cade. They live on a ranch just outside Austin, Texas, and enjoy a relatively quiet life outside Johnson’s touring schedule.


Cody Johnson Songs

Some of Cody Johnson’s most popular songs and hits include:

  • “On My Way to You” – Johnson’s biggest hit to date, this double platinum song, topped the country charts in 2017. It mixes heartfelt lyrics about love and faith.
  • “With You I Am” is a passionate love song written for Johnson’s wife. It reached #1 on the Texas Country charts in 2016.
  • “Texas Like You” – The lead single from Cowboy Like Me helped increase Johnson’s national popularity in 2014—a proud anthem about home state pride.
  • “Pray for Rain” was Johnson’s first major hit in 2011. It’s an ode to the Texas drought that helped establish his signature sound.
  • “Dear Rodeo” is a fan favorite that reflects on the difficult balance between life on tour and family at home.
  • “Gotta Be Me” – The upbeat title track from Johnson’s breakthrough 2016 album. It embraces his authenticity during a time of change.
  • “Longer Than She Did” is a moving ballad about a terminally ill woman that demonstrates Johnson’s skills as a storyteller.
  • “Dance Her Home” – An emotional song about the tragic loss of a female soldier that connects with many listeners.

With gritty baritone vocals and clever songwriting, Cody Johnson’s music catalog has made him a standout in the modern country landscape. He has achieved universal appeal while staying true to his Texas roots.

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Unknown Facts About Cody Johnson

Here are some intriguing lesser-known facts about the life and career of Cody Johnson:

  • Johnson performed under Cody Jinks early in his career to avoid confusion with another singer. He went back to using his real name in 2006.
  • Johnson learned to ride bulls and saddle broncos on the college rodeo circuit. Several of his early gigs were at rodeos.
  • He financed his first album, Black and White Label, by selling his pickup truck and horse trailer. Only 500 copies were pressed originally.
  • Johnson was once booed off stage at a biker bar in South Texas for playing original songs rather than covers. He vowed never to stray from his music again.
  • His breakout album, A Different Day, was recorded in just 3 days on a strict $4,000 budget to afford the studio rental.
  • Brad Paisley invited Johnson to be his opening act after hearing his song “Texas Kind of Way.” Johnson toured amphitheaters with Paisley in 2010.
  • Johnson bought his first tour bus in 2015 after 10 years of hauling his equipment around in an old trailer he and his wife drove.
  • He is an avid hunter who owns hunting leases in different parts of Texas. Johnson even filmed his music video for “With You I Am” while on a dove-hunting trip.
  • Johnson signed with Warner Music Nashville in 2019. He negotiated to keep ownership of his masters in the deal – a rare arrangement in country music.
  • He provides free dance lessons before his concerts. Johnson started this in Texas as a courtesy after fans complained about not knowing how to two-step.
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In just over a decade, Cody Johnson has risen from honky tonk newcomer to a major country star. His hit songs like “On My Way to You” showcase clever songwriting and sincere vocals. Though now famous, Johnson remains devoted to his wife and kids on his Texas ranch.

Striking a careful balance between life on the road and at home, Johnson continues growing his net worth through recorded music and sold-out concerts. With his star-rising, authentic style and catalog of relatable songs, Cody Johnson has proven he is the real deal in country music.


What is Cody Johnson’s age?

Cody Johnson was born on May 13, 1987. As of 2024, the country music star is 36 years old. Johnson spent his childhood in Carthage, Texas, after moving there at age 6. He later attended college at Sam Houston State on a rodeo scholarship before pursuing music full-time in his early 20s.

What are popular Cody Johnson songs?

Some of Cody Johnson’s biggest hits include “On My Way to You,” “With You I Am,” “Texas Like You,” and “Dear Rodeo.” Other fan favorites are “Pray for Rain,” “Longer Than She Did,” and “Gotta Be Me.” Johnson is known for relatable lyrics about love, Texas pride, and rural life.

Who is Cody Johnson’s wife?

Cody Johnson has married his wife Brandi Johnson (née Talley) since 2013. The couple originally met while attending Sam Houston State University together. Brandi has supported Johnson’s music career, even helping book some of his first gigs.

Where is Cody Johnson from?

While born in California, Cody Johnson was raised in the small town of Carthage, Texas, from age 6 onward. East Texas has heavily influenced Johnson’s musical style and inspiration. He resides on a rural ranch with his wife and kids outside Austin, Texas.

What is Cody Johnson’s height?

Cody Johnson stands at an imposing 6 feet 6 inches tall. His tall stature, signature cowboy hat, and boots make Johnson hard to miss at live shows. However, he has a down-home personality and takes time to interact with fans before and after concerts.