Rihanna Stuns Paris Fashion Week With An Unexpected Accessory!


Image Credits:  Rihanna

Image Credits: Rihanna


Everyone was amazed to see Rihanna in a stylish suit at Dior’s fashion event

Image Credits: Rihanna


The suit she wore was a black jacket paired with a pencil skirt with a special design from Dior's latest collection

Image Credits: Rihanna


On top of her outfit, she added cool accessories like gloves, ankle-strap shoes, and a fancy handbag from Dior

Image Credits: Rihanna


The surprising part included Rihanna wearing a big trucker hat made from the same material as her suit

Image Credits: Rihanna


Her '90s-inspired look included glowy skin, shimmery eyes, dark-glossy lips, and wavy hair that looked amazing with the hat

Image Credits: Rihanna


Rihanna, who is known for her unique fashion, always steals the show

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