Rachel McAdams Surprises SNL By Introducing Regina George 2.0


Image Credits: IMDb

Image Credits: IMDb


Rachel McAdams, who played Regina George in Mean Girls, made an unexpected SNL appearance to introduce musical guest Reneé Rapp

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Reneé Rap impressed everyone with her singing on SNL, performing "Not My Fault" and "Snow Angel" alongside Megan Thee Stallion

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McAdams took part in a sketch during the show,  humorously seeking career advice from Jacob Elordi

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A Thursday promo video built anticipation for Rapp's appearance, which featured a fun exchange between Elordi and Rapp

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Reneé Rapp reflected on a busy 2023 which involved filming Mean Girls, releasing "Snow Angel," and a continued tour

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Rapp is geared up for the Mean Girls film adaptation, reprising her Broadway role alongside Tina Fey, Busy Philipps, and Christopher Briney

Jacob Elordi Revealed Some Of His Favourite Books That He Reads

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