Joy Corrigan Wild Birthday Bash Takes An X-Rated Turn!


Image Credits: Pinterst

Image Credits: Pinterst


Model Joy Corrigan celebrated her 36th birthday with model friends at a Palm Desert, California resort, where she had fun playing games in a pink bikini

Image Credits: Pinterst


Joy described the weekend retreat as beautiful, healing, heartfelt, and fun

Image Credits: Pinterst


After years of health issues, Joy diagnosed herself with implant illness and decided to have her breast implants removed.

Image Credits: Pinterst


This was the first time Joy decided to use her body for herself rather than being told what to do by others to maintain her modelling career

Image Credits: Pinterst


Joy was scared that removing her implants would negatively impact her career, which was built around her image with implants

Image Credits: Pinterst


Joy felt empowered, putting her health first and no longer defining herself by her implants, even if it meant career uncertainty

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