Hailey Bieber Stuns In Tiny Seashell Bikini For A Hot Beach Photoshoot


Image Credits: Pinterest

Image Credits: Pinterest


During a beach photoshoot, Hailey Bieber looked breathtaking in a tiny white string bikini, flaunting her flawless physique and hip tattoos

Image Credits: Pinterest


The photoshoot promoted Hailey's new pineapple facial cleanser, featuring her posing in bikinis and beach attire on tropical beaches

Image Credits: Pinterest


One dramatic photo shows Hailey in a seashell-patterned bikini, raising her arms while walking along the shore, wet hair blowing in the wind

Image Credits: Pinterest


Other photos include Hailey scrubbing her face in a tub wearing neon yellow scuba gear, exemplifying the Pineapple collection's bright and playful vibe

Image Credits: Pinterest


Hailey credits activities like Pilates and hot Pilates for keeping her fit, taking advantage of her dance background.

Image Credits: Pinterest


The model admits working up a good sweat helps keep her muscles elongated and her skin glowing

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