Elon Musk Lifts The Ban That Was Put On Taylor Swift’s Searches On X


Image Credits: Pinterest

Image Credits: Pinterest


X temporarily blocked searches for "Taylor Swift" to address a flood of fake explicit images of her that went viral.

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The blocking was a temporary safety measure while X worked to remove the content. Searches for Taylor Swift have now been restored

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The fake Swift images prompted statements from SAG-AFTRA, Microsoft, and the White House condemning the content and calling for legislation

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X said it has a zero-tolerance policy for nonconsensual nudity and is actively removing the images and suspending accounts spreading them

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AI-generated the explicit content and went viral rapidly, highlighting concerns over deepfake technology

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X insists it is committed to maintaining a safe environment and will continue working to remove any further policy-violating content quickly

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The situation demonstrates platforms' challenges in trying to curb harmful deepfakes while upholding free speech

Elon Musk Will Hire 100 People In X To Contain AI Taylor Swift Scandal

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